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good stuff right down hurr. v
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So many things in my head.

Posted 09-27-2011 at 11:20 AM by kuyaBaka
So lately, I've just been all-around flustered. My head is just crammed with so many things to worry and think about. It's not even mid-term week yet. I'm just worrying about pre-mid-term exams and stuff. Ugh.

But yeah.

First of all, I can't help but regret not being able to finish the video for the competition I talked about earlier. It took me more than half the time to actually get a script together. Then I still had to worry about finding actors, which I wasn't able to do in such a short notice. Apparently, most of the teams entering already had their scripts and actors done and picked out prior to picking up equipment. I didn't know what I was thinking writing the entire thing as soon as I picked the stuff up. It was such a shame, too. They gave us a pretty awesome HD camera to play around with, as well as a MacBook filled with video editing software and a library of music for us to pick and chose from. It's like a video editor's haven. In the end, we didn't have enough time to actually put the script into action, mainly because I was so bogged down with homework and classes that I really couldn't focus on the movie without sacrificing my very little amount of nightly rest. On the bright side, I've got a killer movie planned for next year as well as a second in-the-works.

Then there's class. Firstly, Calculus. Normally, I love it. I love math and numbers and stuff, and Calculus really tickles my fancy. But then all of a sudden they bring up vectors, which took me weeks to wrap around my head. I've never taken a Physics class before this semester, and we barely touched on it when they went over the basics when I to Precalculus some 3 years ago. So going over these things were just a hassle for me. In fact, I'm still trying to get a grasp on it now. Jumping off of that, there's Physics. Doing the calculations and figuring out what they mean isn't the tough part for me. When it comes to my homework, I only struggle in trying to set-up any equation or decipher any of the problems. These words are not my kind of thing. I just look at it, and I have to sit there for hours trying to understand what kind of information they're giving me and how they want it answered. I'm just so used to Calculus questions being pretty much cut-and-dry this is what we want you to solve for using these numbers. Physics is just another ball-game, and I have an exam in just under 6 hours. Awesome.

Then we get a bit personal with my brain; I have two sets of re-awakened feelings. First it was a certain guild leader of mine from Dofus, and now it's him. I don't even know anymore. The former was easy to get out of my head since he lived on the other side of the country, but now he's here. In California. And he wants to visit me when he drives up to San Francisco (he's in LA). Then the latter I just didn't see him around anymore, so it was pretty easy for me to get over it. But now that we have mutual friends, it's hard to not be within proximity. For sure, though, I'm handling myself a lot better than last year. The old me would've been such a wreck, but now I can hold myself up higher and get through it relatively easily. But I feel like there's something going on, as if it were all planned.

Then it's just trying to get some r&r in my schedule. Normally, my days end around 6pm so it transitions nicely into dinner. But then as soon as that's over, it's back to work trying to get through as much homework as I can before I fall asleep on my desk. 18 units is pretty ruthless when it comes to my sleeping schedule. I'm gonna needa find better people to study with sometime. I'm sure that's the only reason I was able to make it out of Chemistry with a B+ last semester. But then all this work interferes with what I want to get done on WoW (priorities, lmao). Now that I have 2 85's and another on the way, I was hoping to spend more time farming out Molten Front for dailies and stuff, then on to some Firelands trash runs. Of course, while also farming up my JP (mainly for heirlooms) and VP (for neat-o gears). Now I'm pretty far behind what I wanted to do. Weekends are still pretty iffy for me, since I'm also an officer for the Community Service Club. That means I have to show up to pretty much every event I can (I'm Historian, so I have to take all these pictures) just so I can keep up my duties. Granted, they're pretty lax about it but if I'm doing a job I can't half-ass it, ya?

Then there's planning for next semester. I'm nearly done with my GE courses (I just have 3 more classes to take, 2 of which I'm planning on taking next semester). I'm moving on to Differential Equations for math, and then I'm finally getting a chance to take my lower-division major courses (Plane Surveying, Materials, etc.). I'm both excited and scared for them. I was looking into the classes I can take and should take, and it looks like I'll be putting up with another semester of 18 units. Whatever it takes to graduate, right?

Oh yeah. And my internet sucks. It pisses me off. It's so slow sometimes, and sometimes it just doesn't even work. There's always the option to upgrade my internet to 512MB, but that'll cost me $25/month. That's like, half of what I make with my small job. Ugh.

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  1. kmelfina's Avatar

    On the movie thing: Sorry about the movie, but there is a next year! At least it's a learning experience for something so... new. Extra planning beforehand and all that other good stuff.

    Oh god I hated Physics in highschool, and I know I'll hate it more if I ever have to take it in college. It's the same "You got the numbers, BUT you need to know where to put 'em ;D"

    And... well life sure can be tricky, but best of wishes on how that will work out. Stay strong!

    Idk how WoW works but... at least you can manage your school work along with that.

    And is the Internet provided by your college?
    Posted 09-27-2011 at 03:56 PM by kmelfina kmelfina is offline
  2. kuyaBaka's Avatar
    I just wanted some Molten Front quest progression (gotta farm daily quests to unlock even more daily quests, ugh) in WoW, really. I haven't any of 'em in weeks, so I just wanted to make sure I don't fall too far behind. Maybe grab a few achievements while I'm there. Then there's running heroic queues for VP and JP to get more gears for my alts and myself. It boils down to spending hours on daily quests and running dungeon queues.

    And yeah, internet is provided, albeit quite slow internet. If we want to get a faster internet in our room, we'd have to pay extra per month. I mean, what I have right now works ok. It's just that sometimes at night I end up lagging the hell out of important boss fights and get kicked 'cause a healer that can't heal is pointless.
    Posted 09-27-2011 at 07:01 PM by kuyaBaka kuyaBaka is offline
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