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Running around like idek.

Posted 08-22-2011 at 04:36 PM by kuyaBaka
So, this morning I woke up early so I could hit up the math department office to pick up some facilitator paperwork I had to fill out. I woke up at 8am just so I could make it there when it opens at 9. Cursed by bitter irony, I find a paper taped on the door that reads: "Under-staffed this week. The department will not open until 1:30pm." Hmph.

So I decide to walk to the Engineering building to pick up some application papers for my Green Engineering minor. I get back to my room, and head to lunch. Afterwards, I go back to the math department to see a gigantic line of TA's waiting to get their roster list, add-codes, and department keys. About 2 hours of waiting in line, and I finally get a chance to pick up my paperwork. Filled 'em out outside the office, and went back in to turn it in only to find another line. Another hour-ish, and I turn in the papers to be directed to the HR department to fill out new employee papers. I make the daunting walk over to the office on the other side of campus, hike up to the 3rd floor since the elevator was out, and get to the desk only to find out that I need my SS Card, which I don't carry around with me. So in substitute, I have to go to the SS Office to get a receipt saying that I do, in fact, have a SS Card. The office is located 5 blocks away from campus, from the other end of it. Haven't gotten there yet, 'cause they actually closed shortly after we left the HR Department.

oh-my-god. I'm too tired to finish typing. You guys can get an unfinished blog post until ... TBA.

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