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fk dis sht.

Posted 05-30-2011 at 06:55 PM by kuyaBaka
Youíre not helping one bit. Repeating my mistake to me over an over again as if you were a broken record player isnít going to fix the fact that I ****ed up making the burgers. Itís not going to help solve the problem of figuring out what to do with a pile of seasoned ground beef that wonít stay together. Itís not going to help me finish this Memorial Day dinner.

I had high hopes for todayó finally being at home, relaxing with a cold drink in my hand and a spatula in the other flipping burgers that I put together and not using frozen, already-made patties. I wanted it to be something special. You pretty much squashed every little bit of happiness I can expect to find today.

**** it.
I turned that shit into sloppy joes and youíre complaining about how badly I ****ed up. Whatever. Maybe it wouldnít have been as bad if you decided to help out instead of criticize me and whatever Iím doing. Just shut up already and eat your damn food.

I know it sounds really pissy and whiny to rant about this, but itís really been grinding my gears for years now. Every time I think Iím happy, I end up being so ****ing enraged that I donít even know what to do with myself but stay quietly pissed off at everyone and everything for the remainder of the day. It also goes to show how helpful and supportive your family is. I definitely couldíve used a hand rather than just telling me whatever.

I hasnít even been a week of Summer vacation yet, and Iím already pissed the **** off. I want the next semester to start now. Right. Now.

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