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[MMOG-Writing Challenge] Umbrella

Posted 10-21-2008 at 06:35 PM by kuyaBaka
Prompt: Rain
Title: Umbrella
Fandom: Not a fandom. A true story. 8D
Genre: forthelulz?
Rating: G
Summary: I swear, I'm so oblivious.
Author’s Note: Silly Kevin is silly. /facepalm
(taken from a silly essay I did last year for English class)
[Ignore any mistakes that I may have left. I copy/pasted from a not-so-looked-over draft]


The wind lashed the nearby trees, vigorously shaking and rattling the leaves and branches shooting out from the trunks. The malevolent storm was approaching, trailing behind its prequel of dark clouds and gloomy atmosphere. Staring out passed the linked fences, I could see various automobiles rushing through the bleak surroundings.
I was stuck in this institute they called “kindergarten”. I don’t even know why I was forced to go to this place of misfortune and mishap, but I followed the orders of my older parental guardians. It was sometime in the afternoon when they released my peers (which I like to call “creatures of infinite amounts of energy). I staggered out the door, much as the common song about the ill-omened grandmother taking a short walk out to obtain her medical supplements, and stood there. Patiently, I waited for my savior to drive into the rounded plaza, lined with these so-called “peers” of mine. I wanted to get out, immediately. Not only was I ready to take my leave, but my favorite time of the year was “just around the corner”, so to speak.
Little by little, the other children around me were greeted by their parents, grandparents, and other relatives and departed in their vehicles. With a sense of worry, I peered out into every corner every other minute, hoping and praying that I would be able to get away from this place. Soon enough, a familiar figure came walking from the distance. As it came closer, I was able to see him clearly, it was my grandfather! At the sight of him, I jerked my head up with my hands flailing in the air, quietly shouting “Thank you!” to the ominous skies above. My legs took control over my mind from that point, and scampered to his direction.
My grandfather was a very tall fellow. Dark skinned, grey-haired, and smelled interestingly like our kitchen back home. He was carrying some kind of bag on his back, and a yellow umbrella in his right hand. I quickly took shelter under this portable roof and hugged the legs of my hero. From the corner of my peripheral vision, I could spy my baby sister sitting on the contraption lodged on my grandfather’s back. Her legs dangled from the little leg-holes placed in the bottom of the seat, her arms stuck out from the arm-holes near the upper-part of the straps, and two suspender-like belts fastened, from the top of her shoulders to the under-side of the whole thing. It looked painfully restricting, like some sort of baby-straight jackets. Her blushing face complimented the round, pink cheeks that made her head look almost like a small playground ball. Her eyes shut in a deep, tranquil sleep, contrasting with what is going on around her.
I was escorted back to my home with the help of my grandfather. Using the umbrella, he helped shelter me from the small droplets of rain, rushing through the air on their way down to the damp ground. Stray specks of water would find their way around my shield, but they were no match for the jacket sleeve I used to defend my eyes from the attack.
Preoccupied from the defensive march onward, I failed to notice what went on behind me. Away from my sight, my baby sibling was doused by the waterfall of rainwater, flowing down from the edges of the umbrella. As much of a heavy sleeper she is, she had never awoken from her slumber. Like a the sleeping beauty lost in the void of the back of her eyelids, she was unaware of what was happening to her.
As we continued on our stormy trek through the tumult of the raging rain, more water trickled its way down the umbrella, finishing its trip on the top of my sister’s few hairs. Block by block, step by step, her head continued to become damper and damper. Obliviously, I paid no attention to my surroundings. My mind was focused on the task at hand: to get to the other side of the road.
It was not until we had finally gotten to our comforting that we had found out the misfortune my sister had overcome. She looked as if she was dunked in a vat of frigid ice water. Her skin gleamed white and pale, like an eerie ghost. She remained looking like this ghastly specter until she finally warmed up in the pleasing atmosphere of the room. Once my grandfather had noticed how pale and wet she was, he jumped in astonishment. Frantically, he took her out of her straight-jacket and sprinted around the apartment, trying to find a way to dry her off and warm her up. He moved around like some cartoon character, comically chasing after his target. I couldn’t help but give out a light chuckle at how hilarious he reacted to my sister.
Guilty, I never did mention that I could’ve warned about this event before it got this bad. I was too ashamed at myself to confess to my wrongdoing. Of course, like all adults would, my grandfather finally realized that the blame could lay on me. Such a silly thing I had done, and now it always comes up during family gatherings around the Christmas dinner, the Thanksgiving feast, and the occasional birthday cake or two. To save myself from anymore family humiliation, I have (attempted to) learned from this laughable event. Never again, will I let some yellow umbrella be the cause of some embarrassing incident.

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