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good stuff right down hurr. v
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i blog when im insomnic .

Posted 01-05-2010 at 01:11 AM by kuyaBaka
Updated 01-05-2010 at 01:13 AM by kuyaBaka
(Possibly my first lengthy blog post in a while?)

So, winter break is coming to a close for me. Luckily, I've still got a week to get things put together before school. What's there to do?

- Hamlet essay. The play was horrible. I hated every act, every scene, every line (except a few which I found to be comical ... more specifically the flirting done by Hamlet to Ophelia before the "play" begins and the line "Frailty, thy name is woman"). Now I have to type up an essay on it. I don't even remember where I left my prompt paper. I'm so helpless, lol.
- AP Econ packet (an old AP Exam and a Ch 10 packet). Now, here's the thing. I love econ as much as I love being the proud owner of a Vet Vincent Rio in Sword of the New World (although I'd be happier if he was Expert ... or Master). It's so much fun to learn, and practical to practice (nyeh).
The thing is that my school is weird. The require 1 semester credit of an Econ and Government class, and the normal college-prep classes switch after the semester, so they're done and through with one of the two before break, and will take the second after we get back. It's different for the AP class since we need to be in both at the same time to prep both classes for the AP Exam. It also means if we fail one class, we are at risk of being dropped from both classes.

No problem, Kevin! Just pass 'em!

Big problem, I hate AP Government. I just hate learning about politics since it bores me to death. I can't find practical uses for it without having to read a newspaper or watch the local political news station. It's just not fun. I'd rather vote on the policies, and bs whatever is left (bad citizen, I know). Well, I ace'd my econ final and got an F on my gov final. I didn't pay off all my bills, so I don't get my semester grade report mailed to me. I could check online, but my parents didn't sign-off the email to get it. Now I'm stuck in the dark, scared to find out what I will be walking into next semester. It's like turning off the lights in your room -- y'know when it's all the way in the opposite side of where your bed is. -- and then hoping you don't trip over something. Or worse, hoping that some deranged, maniac killer with a chainsaw dipped in venom doesn't come after you as soon as you turn your back (I totally get this kind of feeling when I turn off all the lights downstairs, thus forcing me to sprint/jump/gallop up the stairs as quietly as possible while still packing on speed and agility. I trip a few times.). You just don't know.

meh. Not too much stuff huh? I know. I've heard other people complain/*****/whine/moan/rage at their winter homework. Sucks.

Some people aren't excited to go back "to the daily grind." (side note: I think this is where "grinding" comes from in MMORPGs. I haven't read the official history behind the term, but this is my best guess as far as where it originates from. Am I right?)

Personally, I can't wait. I need a good distraction to get away form this laptop. That, and I love the cold weather outside, and can't bare to keep myself inside, babysitting my sisters. It's just not as much fun as sitting out at lunch, talking with friends and eating the same chicken strip-and-fries combo at school. Pulling out our chairs from the band room, and planting them right outside the walls, so we can hear lunch jazz-rehearsals or people practicing for auditions or whatever.

Instead, I'm playing Maplestory. Maplestory, of all games. And what's worse is that I've spent money on this game for pixel-clothes and stuff. Now, honestly, the marginal utility I obtained from purchasing that Violin weapon skin is quite near the money I've spent to pay for it. On the other hand, this stupid little (not)looting bunny pet I've spent more than twice as much as that weapon skin does not. It's a piece of ./seal and ./sealing sucks. It only loots when I walk by the items. I'll repeat that again. WHEN I WALK BY THE ITEMS. I could just go out of my way to tap the "0" or "Z" key a few times and continue on my merry way. Yeah-yeah, sure, it helps when I'm busy grinding, but the items will stay there for a while. When the monsters take their time to spawn, it opens up a little interval for me to do my own looting (I'm a pirate. ./lol). Whatever. Ok, pets give you a reason to run pet parks! I hate jump quests. I'm sure those of you who have played and tried to get John those flowers for his basket, nab some diet medicine for Sabimatra, or retrieve that ditsy Shumi's money from evil bubblings in the subway will understand the grief, sorrow, and rage it is to run through a jump quest.

While on the subject of Maplestory (which, by the way, actually has a story now. I'm quite surprised by that.), it has caused me a lot of "FMLs." First of all, Dani was kind enough to give me a Steel Polearm that she had gotten from an Aran Paper Box because she knew I was training an Aran of my own (and the blade looked like a dinosaur, and my Aran's IGN was 'Dinoraur' A befitting weapon for a befitting character) and Shinkky gave me a Maple Karstan since he couldn't use it. Ok, coo'. Training my Thunder Breaker on Zombie Mushrooms, I came across a Chaos Scroll which I put up in the MTS to make a profit of 12.5k NX (which I spent to buy Cash Shop boxes for Dani and Shinkky, and some Silver Box Keys).
My character line-up was my Lv 31 Thunder Breaker, my Lv 24 Aran, and my Lv 22 Gunslinger. I played my Gunslinger a bit more since the rest of the SOS players needed to do a few more KPQ runs to catch up, and leveled him up to 31, as well. I finally job changed, and QQed at my horrible damage. I could barely keep myself up while I soloed, and the lack of a melee-knockback (which made me want to switch to Archer) was unbearable for a retired Hunter. I strived to keep it going on, though, hoping that I would be able to dish out damage soon enough! I realized we had a lack of Clerics, which seemed to be an important part of bossing, so I deleted my Aran (who was simply there for shts and giggles in the Cave of Mushrooms). Little did I know, I had forgotten to transfer items. Good-bye Maple Karstan and Steel Polearm. Well, I knew that people didn't really run around with Karstans, and I thought that a Lv 30 Polearm was meh, since you could easily buy one (I mistook it for a Crescent Polearm LOL), so I didn't think much of it. Well, I ended up getting sick of my Gunslinger's pathetic damage, and went to delete him, tossing my NX items into the cash inventory to be used on my Thunder Breaker. Well, after I got rid of my slinger, I realize that I can't use my normal Cash Inventory. It's been replaced by "Cyngus Inventory." W-T-F? I guess Cyngus characters can't share the same NX inventory as the rest of the account? Ah well, whatever. I heard that there were some PQs you couldn't do as a Cyngus, so I deleted him and remade him into my current Brawler.

Well, the reason I picked Thunder Brawler in the first place was because I saw that they could shoot thunder sharks from their fists!. I picked Brawler because: 1) I could use my NX gears and 2) I thought they could still shoot out sharks, just not thunder sharks.

Well, the latter was wrong. Brawlers do not summon out torpedoes of sharks to create a torrential onslaught of seafood. And I find this part out after I hit Lv 30. Well, I've decided to just stick with it, and make a Thunder Brawler on my own time later. (They're simple to train, anyway. Get to Lv 40 with Electric Charge, then Truckers!) I decide to take a gander at Ch 1 FM and see what's for sale. The first thing I see ... STEEL POLE ARMS SELLING (actually selling) for 20m. Then, I see my Chaos Scrolls selling for 120m. To top it off, I see someone buying a Maple Karstan for 20m. Being (now) poor, and having lost the meso-making staple of snowpieces, I pretty much ./ragequitted for a few hours to play on Dofus. (Hah, let's see if you can count all the FMLs from playing 2 weeks of Maplestory!)

On to a different realm; Dofus.
I've recently bought 2 months of Dofus for nostalgic purposes. I can quite honestly say that I'm enjoying it. I've got a good guild, I've got a quite a few levels since I've played a week ago (now level 38), and running into few jackasses who decide to jump into my fights. The only problem is my lack of a Prespic Set. It's pretty much a must-have, giving a hefty amount of WIS for a low-leveled character. So, I've been on the recruitment channel, crying out for an invite to a Prespic set party, only to find that pretty much everyone has already moved onto dungeon farming and jelly hunting. That leaves me to scrummage up the few people left behind, or to have good Samaritans as guildmates log in when I'm not on Maplestory/out-of-the-house. So far, it's been a failure. I was able to find a nice 5-person group (all 1 person running alts) hunting for a set as well, and invited me in, only to have him get d/c'd, and ultimately leaving me to fend off 4x Prespics and 2x Treechnids. Oh the horror that has been laid upon me, a Lv 38 INT Cra with only a Mush Mush and partial Gobbal set. ;;

Don't know what else to /rant, /rage, or /QQ about, so I'll end it about here. It's now 1:17 am. I started typing at 12:43pm. HO'KAY!

S'mores poptarts~ <3
They're the 10-second dessert that you can pop into the microwave and enjoy.

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