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good stuff right down hurr. v
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AP sucks . . .

Posted 04-28-2009 at 10:05 PM by kuyaBaka
school sucks. (see that? alliteration! I LEARNED SOMETHING.)

mmk. so'z.

I've got 9 days left until my US History AP Exam, and I've got 41 chapters of History to review and go over. My teacher hasn't done a single review activity or lecture for us. Instead, she's making us practice DBQs (which, seriously, isn't hard for us since we're all in AP English, anyway). I know how to structure my paragraphs, and how to make a good thesis sentence. What I don't know? What the hell I'm writing about.

Well, I'm royally screwed if I get questions (or even worse, a DBQ/Free Response question) on anything before 1900. I am completely lost when it comes to anything political (which, unfortunately, makes up most everything about the U.S.). I don't know who all the presidents were, not to mention their years in office. I don't know the important court cases and their value to the U.S. (though, I can roughly guesstimate what they were about, given I'm told the time period).

As far as my strengths for this AP Exam, I'm pretty good at essays. I can spit one out in 30 minutes, and have it turn out nicely -- given that I know what the topic is about. I'm solid on the 1930s~1990s (not a broad range, I know). And that's about it. `-`

Of course, I'm putting the blame on myself for not taking the time (or the care) to study this over time, but hey, this stuff doesn't interest me at all. On top of that, I was actually worried about the CSTs that I just finished (for those who don't know, the CSTs are state-mandated tests for the state of California, testing everyone under 12th grade on California standards). Why was I worried about something so small? 'Cause you never bothered to tell us what'll be on it.

Yes. That's right. I imposed a new pronoun without specifying the subject (lolalliteration). I'm talking about my history teacher. Know why you are such a fail teacher? You never really reach. My goodness, you tell us we're going to be in a lecture-type class. What do we get? Book work. I've counted your lectures since the beginning of the school year -- 8. Eight chapters worth of lectures. Out of what, the 41 we have? Why am I getting such bad grades on your tests? Well, have you noticed I did good on the chapter tests where you lectures us through the material? Yep. I believe there's a pattern emerging, now.

Well, I heard you're going to get laid off next year. I guess there's where the defeatist attitude is coming from. I've seen other teachers deal with this better than you. My English teacher freshmen year knew she was getting laid off. What did she do? End the year with a blast. She helped us through Lord of the Flies -- I don't think anyone got lost through it, being in a normal English class with people who don't understand how to comprehend literature. She threw us a breakfast party since we were her 1st period and made us chorizo con juevos. Those were probably the best chorizo I've ever had, too.

Ah well, averting my attention away from that darned class -- SATs.

Looks like I'm signing up for June 6th~
I've only taken 1 PSAT and 1 other SAT prior, so I think taking more would be of my best interest. Especially now that I've learned a lot more about taking tests. Just gotta remember to head to the counseling office to pick up the paper with the information.

hm. i'm scared. don't wanna take those AP Exams . . . QQ"

My room smells like bananas. I noticed quite a pile of them in the trash can, sitting in the corner. Though, it smells kinda sweet. Wouldn't expect to sense something inviting from a trash can. Then again, I just finished that bundle of three bananas a few minutes ago, and they're still fresh. It probably won't smell like that tomorrow morning.
... maybe I'll steal my mom's electric air cleaner and set it by the wall.

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  1. Sandrie's Avatar
    I'll QQ with you about AP.
    I have AP Bio and AP Lit...and the tests are like in 2 weeks. I got a book with practice tests and I got like 40/100. lol. I haven't even tried the AP Bio essays yet...I'm more scared of the AP Lit ones (fail at english yay)
    Posted 04-29-2009 at 04:18 AM by Sandrie Sandrie is online now
  2. kuyaBaka's Avatar
    I hate it when you take the practice questions and fail at them. I got a 9/25 on one of my history ones. QQ"
    Posted 04-29-2009 at 07:11 AM by kuyaBaka kuyaBaka is offline
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