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good stuff right down hurr. v
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I Bet You Missed Me~ \o\

Posted 04-20-2009 at 10:27 PM by kuyaBaka
So'z. I'm sure you guys have missed me and my oh-so wonderful blogs. Well, I've been busy. Busy with what? Getting Tiburon to Vet!

I'll spend some time to thank my supporters in this, currently meaningless, goal:
-Moogles Clan~ for being my one and only home in the New World.
-Sheepy~ for helping me out with leveling the lil' guy, and getting me MPs for his Vet Stance and Costume, as well as helping me kill that Golden Spider while I tanked it with Tiburon. :V
-Tea~ for helping me scout out that darned Sabretiger in Zona Dos, and for allowing me to squad with you in Topolo during my last 15 levels.
-Slice~ for helping me level him up a bit and supporting me
-Kait~ for influencing me to get back on my ventures to through the New World, and reviving the Moogles Clan
-some other people that totally helped, but I can't seem to remember your names~ thanks! 8D

(Pictures are still being uploaded. Don't worry, I'll have them up soon! \o\)

Anyway, on to real life.

This week marks the California State Standardized Testing week. All students in California are forced to spend meaningless time in school to sit down and take a state test to prove that you've met the state's goals, and verify that the campus is doing what it's supposed to. My tests run as follows:

Monday -- English
Tuesday -- Math
Wednesday -- History
Thursday -- Science
Friday -- Sophomore Science (I don't have to show up~ \o\)

My god, today's English portion made me want to puke. All the questions were so easy. Half of it was basic sentence structure and composition. The other half was comprehension (obviously). I've done these kinds of thing plenty of times last semester, so they all became second-nature to me. It wasn't until that I read a passage on William Faulker's The Sound and the Fury that I realized, I haven't started on my book report yet. It's due next week, and I'm stuck reading Absalom! Absalom! by Faulkner. I talked to Sheepy about it earlier today, and we both had similar thoughts on it -- /headdesk. Looks like I'll be Sparknotesing this week~

Luckily, this will be my last year of taking these tests. Seniors are exempted from the torture of being in the classroom with an answer document and question booklet on tabletops. Lucky 'tards. :<

For band, we finally get to play Candide Overture and Peterloo Overture for our Spring Concert this year. I'm quite excited, becuase these two pieces have been on my to-play list for quite a while. They're both amazing compositions, and y'all should find the time to look these up on youTube. Especially the video of Bernstein conducting Candide (he's the composer of the piece). It's quite a spectacle.

I swear, guys, I was planning to type up more, but it's getting late and I'm still kinda tired from testing and the lack of sleep due to the temperature hike (90 degrees and it's only Spring?). Blah. I hate the summer heat.

I love them so much.
Sweet to the taste,
Firm to the touch.
You're dotted with your seeds of youth,
how much I long to feel the vigor of your

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