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good stuff right down hurr. v
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Lightly put the tip of the tongue just below the tip of the . . .

Posted 03-31-2009 at 08:43 PM by kuyaBaka
(Gotcha .)
-- That's what he said.

So, Kevin is a bit perplexed this evening.

First of all, and I know I've posted about this before, but a certain person in three of my classes needs to shut up. Nobody gives a flying fudge-funnel cake. You can fall off a cliff, land in a pool filled with poison-fanged piranhas and forever be dissolved from the face of the earth --- and nobody still won't care. I don't need to know that you need to text someone, I don't care to know what's on your mind, or how much you whine and ***** about your friends and your back. Needy people like you need to keep their needs to themself.
That takes cares for the irritating nuisance who constantly shares with the rest of the world about her "feelings."

The attendance of my campus sucks. I don't mean that not a lot of people show up, but the actual system of teachers taking count of the students and (supposedly) sending the data to the front office, where they record who showed up and who's ditching to go to Taco Bell (Taco Bell, of all places. Why there?). I know for a fact that the teachers get the information/papers (in the case of a field trip/sub) to you, but seriously, actually check what's given and make sure you don't mis-mark people. I can't believe how many emails my Mom's been getting about me "ditching" 67 periods of class -- all, of which, should've been excused since I was away at a band trip.

No Wind Ensemble trip. /QQ
No money in the budget (gd recession).
I'm feeling horrible for the seniors this year -- especially the ones who finally made it to the Wind Ensemble. People should've actually paid their gd band fees. D<

Aside from all this anger and indignation built up inside of me these few days, I'm also a bit excited.

I'll be getting a new haircut soon. Get rid of this mullet-to-be and trade it in for a new spring-summer look to feel fresh and renewed. Getting tired of my hair getting in my face and me having to brush it to the side. At the same time, I feel a bit sad that I'll be losing it. I love how soft it feels -- and I'm sure lots of people will miss being able to sleep on my head during band trips and stuff (no seriously, they do).

This Friday, in Cooking class, we get to make "Spring Cakes" where we decorate cakes in spirit for Spring/Easter. I find it quite fun since we finally have a kind of "competitive spirit" going on -- trying to see who can make the best cake out of the class. Of course, I fail at making cakes (there's no way I'm being a pastry chef in the near future) and I hate decorating. But why is this so much fun? 'Cause we've actually got a rockin' plan to make a 4-foot sculpture of Bugs Bunny. Chyeah. Exciting, indeed. Oh yeah, I hate cake. It's disgusting.

This Thursday, I've got a band performance. Missing school to play music and watch other schools perform is really fun. Especially after the performance when we're taken into a separate room to get a "clinic" with one of the judges. Normally, they're professors and other conductors from around the nation giving advice to us, the younger, future musicians. It's a lot of fun to be "under the baton" from another conductor, especially after 3 years being conducted by the same person. It's also nice to get a fresh perspective from someone we don't see on a day-to-day basis -- no offense to my band director. Not only that, but we also get to chill out with our fellow musicians and chit-chat, especially when you've met several times before.

Saturday marks the beginning of my 1-week Spring Break. I get to spend my days of rest and relaxation in San Diego with my laptop, a bucket of fresh-picked fruit, and 2 chapters of history notes to accomplish. It's not that exciting, but being at my Uncle's house in San Diego for the first time in 3 years is. I also get to check out the UCSD campus -- it being one of my choices of colleges.

Happiness aside, I've also got a few goals to complete over the next month:
  • Vet every single of my SotNW characters (INCLUDING TIBURON)
  • Actually do my homework and get caught up with procrastinated notes
  • Learn to make the "perfect souffle"
  • Spend some time to re-connect with lost fiends, as well as fortify already-made friendships.
Pretty happy with what I have planned, and I'm headstrong about finishing them. The next month seems to be full of optimism for me.

Oh, the lime.
Love, love, love lime.
It's green, strong, and makes good ammo for pillow-fort wars.

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  1. XooSliceooX's Avatar
    So. Vetting all characters? That's just mad.
    Haircut?? Pics pls. Although I think I saw a pic which could have been you. :l
    Posted 04-02-2009 at 02:15 AM by XooSliceooX XooSliceooX is offline
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