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good stuff right down hurr. v
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Udder fail.

Posted 03-24-2009 at 10:00 PM by kuyaBaka
Updated 03-25-2009 at 06:23 PM by kuyaBaka
Ok, so. The many of you who know me (mainly SOSees, but whatever) know that I'm a food-fanatic.

I aspire to become a chef-restaurateur someday in my future. Of course, I want to do whatever possible to get a headstart on that track. Well . . .

. . . it just so happens that a nearby community college (which happened to be the same campus I spent my middle-charter school years) is offering culinary arts classes and a program that allows you to earn a state-approved certificate or a nice transfer to a 4-year culinary college.
Now, for me, the former works perfectly. After high school, I plan on heading to college and getting a business major (thinking about finding a gastronomy course ...). If I can get that certificate, I'm totally set on starting a job (or apprenticeship) in cooking.

The only problem is that the entire program takes 16 months (about 4 semester, I believe?). I'm currently in my 2nd semester of my Junior year of high school. The classes are filled.

So yeah.
My choices are now down to:
- Take the course anyway, and beg for a way to complete the program before the 4 semesters.
- Take smaller courses, and get personal experience. No certificate, though.
- Screw it all and just head to the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) in Napa after college.

I'm really hoping I can accomplish the first, but the second if possible. The third isn't really not something I would do.

To make whatever sense of today's title. I can smell the nearby dairy from here. It reeks of cow manure.

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