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Are kids more spoiled now compared to when you were young?

Posted 10-18-2008 at 12:08 AM by Kotarou

Lt. Blingz: Check this out man... the new iPhone 3g's gonna release in Malaysia soon!
Kotarou: Yeah, but seriously how many people actually use the 3g infrastructure in Malaysia.
Silver: He's got a point there.
Kotarou: Look at me. My phone is so old... the only thing I need a cellphone for is to call people and send sms... I don't even MMS...
Lt. Blingz: You're right lah... I only need my PDA phone to take some notes, do some work...
Kotarou: Besides, if I wanted to watch nice movies, I'd do it on a PSP, the screen's bigger.

Lt. Blingz: It's a ego thing man... cool gadget.
Kotarou: Kids nowadays have all the nice things.
Silver: Parents spoil their kids a lot now.
Lt. Blingz: Really?
Kotarou: What are you talking about, man? There are 5-year olds running around with cellphones!
Lt. Blingz: The parents like to pamper them mah...
Alisha: Says the man who is driving a CAR.
Lt. Blingz: Everyone is driving a car.
Kotarou: I take a bus. Everyday.
Lt. Blingz: Sucks to be you, man.
Alisha: Anyway, when I was still a kid, I got the cane most of the time... my parents were really strict with me, I couldn't whine about what I wanted.
Kotarou: Mine pushed me more about studies. Never had a happy-go-lucky kids' life, really.
Lt. Blingz: I got the belt, myself. Which parents uses the belt nowadays?
Kotarou: I think video game bans are better now.
Lt. Blingz: Yea man. How about our parents themselves? I think they had it even worse.
Kotarou: My mom told me last time she had to wake up at 5am to prepare and then WALK to the bus stop far away, and then get to her bus...
Silver: Rough times...
Kotarou: Not only that, after she came back from school, she has to help around with the housework... they only had some time to play marbles and stuff.
Alisha: Makes you appreciate the life we have now.
Kotarou: Next time they'll have food grinders.
Silver: What?
Kotarou: "Hey kids! When I was young, we'd have to chew our food MANUALLY!"

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  1. Bob's Avatar
    I think children in the United States are more STUPID, not spoiled (not sure about overseas). I think the amount of spoiled kids are the same. It`s just back then, they were spoiled with different things. Back then, they just didn`t have the technology and the things we have now, but they still had things to spoil their kids with.

    Today, we have things easier though. That`s true for sure, but then the result of that is laziness, not spoiled...ness.
    Posted 10-18-2008 at 12:36 AM by Bob Bob is offline
  2. khyle's Avatar
    aside from kids usually carrying 2 cellphones,
    they also are into the iPod fad
    walks in the middle of the roads like someone bigger than his size >_>
    I hope u bump into some thugs and fix up your asses XD
    Posted 10-19-2008 at 02:28 AM by khyle khyle is offline
  3. Kotarou's Avatar
    Very true -_-;

    I saw a baby watching Barney on a PSP. ...god.
    Posted 10-19-2008 at 05:13 AM by Kotarou Kotarou is offline
  4. ArturiaPendragon's Avatar
    Mind an old post even if it's SO LONG AGO? XD;

    I would say... Yes, they are spoiled. And when I mean spoiled, I mean VERY spoiled.

    Compared to when I was small, the children nowdays are pretty... spoiled. =l Everytime I would walk around in the market or something, children would cry not because of their parents not paying attention to them, but just because they want a small toy. Example are the times that I would walk around Toys R' Us last year, and children will be shouting to get them this even if their parents say they can't. I looked at the price and... My gosh, it's EXPENSIVE.

    It isn't just crying too, it's... nowadays pretty much shouting. At that same year, I saw a kid wrecking a tower of Potato chips down to the floor and shouting that he wants... I don't know, chocolate, if I recall, Nii. His father pretty much just looked away in shame. I'm pretty sorry for him, personally. =_=

    At the rate the children nowadays are going, I would say unless they are pretty much learn how to behave themselves properly, school for them will... I don't know. 80% of the boys will act like gangsters and that same percentage which are the girls would go on a shopping spree stealing their parents' money. *sigh*
    Posted 02-23-2009 at 06:26 AM by ArturiaPendragon ArturiaPendragon is offline
  5. xuriel's Avatar
    Kids these days have no idea how easy their lives are going. Even though I'm only 17

    I worked in a games and novelties store last Xmas and had one of the craziest things happen to me. I was sitting at the counter when this little girl probably age 8 or so, went in and pulled a $250 limited edition Monopoly set out and demanded I let her have it... FREE (actually I was also surprised she could lift the box, its pretty heavy).

    I was obviously attempting to keep my face from contorting into utter amazement and horror (I succeeded cause my boss was there too) and I told her if she wanted it she'd have to pay up $250 dollars. At this point she started screaming. f**k! Did she see though my lightly veiled tone of amusement?

    She wailed on till her parents finally said "We'll go home and think about it", they came back later to buy it with an embarrassed expression. What an 8 year old girl needs a $250 Black Onyx Monopoly set for I dunno but that seems to be how most shopping trips go these days for parents and kids. My boss snidely commented "Having kids is like inviting a money-eating parasite right into your wallet" XD.

    Also I went to a family gathering recently and when I looked around little kids (actually most of them are my nieces and nephews and all are under 10) were running about with DSi and other expensive things. Here I am working part-time to fund my hobbies. Parents don't care what I buy as long as I do it with my own money, I kinda like it that way though XD
    Posted 05-01-2009 at 03:25 AM by xuriel xuriel is offline
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