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The taste of failure.

Posted 07-29-2013 at 11:47 AM by kmelfina
It's been a while. Time to catch up:

1) Sophmore year done. Made new friends, joined new clubs (Scholarship club, Yu Gi Oh Club).

2) Just got into Yu Gi Oh, a friend from SMT: Imagine stated that he went to Dueling Network from time to time so I tried it out. *I <3 FAIRY DECKS*

3) I made new friends, and found a hang out buddy (I thought he was kinda cute but he's super tall and has the voice that reminds me of Mr. Slave from South Park). We decided to remain friends only.

4) I cruise online dating sites like and OKCupid just to converse with more people.

5) There are times I miss my La Tale buddies, especially my guildmates from before (since Messenger switched to Skype, idk if the other girls made it. Oh well).

6) Just got 2 C's on my report card last semester (Multivariate Calculus + Differential Equations). I bombed the finals because I didn't put too much effort into my academic work (my addiction to gaming took a huge toll). Never again >_<;

7) ANIME EXPO ON JULY 4th WEEKEND! I'll post a blog on my experiences (minus day 4 since it was... well nothing special happened that was worth noting). Oh and the pictures of my cosplay!

Hopefully I won't be as game craving crazy or boy crazy this year (unless the guy can help me with classwork lol). Oh yeah, that cute Teacher Assistant I had a crush on in Sophmore year? He now works at the university as a guidance counselor. I doubt he's... you know... (I only made that assumption since he was in the gender/sexuality studies major).

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