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Saturday has come... and gone.

Posted 09-30-2012 at 10:40 AM by kmelfina
OKAY so after getting my sis Magic Cards for her B-day gift from Wal-Mart, my family dropped me off for Pride Festival. I didn't tell them what the event was about, just ''I need to be dropped off here''. The rainbow flags and drag queens must have given it away x_X;

I saw Alex and he was working to selling food from a stand. Got to talk for a bit, and he invited me to Godfrey's to see him serve jello shots in his underwear xD Got a few condoms from my friend's table which was for VCU gear.

At 8 PM I walked back 20 blocks to get to my dorm, so scary man *Richmond*. Also had to walk to Godfrey's 2 times for 45 minutes (15 minutes to, back from since I forgot I.D., and then back to Godfrey's >_<. Oh well, so many hot guys in their underwear!!! I talked to Alex and he told me not to get into the picture-scene (since those get uploaded the next day). He learned that lesson the hard way last year (his little brother got shit for it since he's in high school; and the mother cried?).

As for new people, I joined up with Keyan (someone I know from Q.A. group I'm in) and his fiancee. They introduced me to their friend David, who is working on a PhD in Mathematics and works with engineering etc. HE IS LIKE... THE BIG BROTHER FIGURE I NEVER HAD BUT ALWAYS WANTED! He gave me tips on how to pass my courses I'm doing horribly in and was very protective of me.

Okay now for the sexual harrassment part... while David was gone and Alex was on his job, some random blonde guy with a mohawk and short shorts sat next to me... I can smell the alcohol on his breath but didn't think much of it. He asked me questions like ''What's your name? Origin?" and then told me to ask what his name was etc. He seemed friendly... but for some reason I got bad vibes and I didn't know how to get away from such a situation without being a douche (i.e. ''GET AWAY YOU CREEP!''). David saw what was going on and pulled me up from the leopard sofa and made me get next to him, away from creepy mohawk man. 5 minutes later mohawk man started asking me questions like ''would you have sex with a random guy? No? How about holding hands'' then he took my hand and sang The Beatles song ''I wanna hold your hand'' which was ****ing creepy. Thankfully David told him to ''Back off for like, 10 minutes''. The dude got the message and left... until 40 minutes later on the dance floor he cornered me and started kissing my (facial) cheeks. I was getting bothered by it, but I got really pissed off when he bit my ear. If it weren't for my friend Amber to make a diversion ''I think Mary's outside, lets go see her!'' and pulled me away, I would have gotten violent... Now there's the end to that fiasco~

After coming back inside (after seeing Mary who really was outside), I decided to get down on the dance floor with friends. So much PDA at the club lol, guys in their underwear grinding against each other, couples kissing etc. Ah... this is just awesome!

So I had a net gain of an awesome time, a mentor (well I don't think I would be in a relationship with David, since I think of him as just an older brother), and elimination of stress from last week and this week!!! I'm so glad my friends walked me back to my dorm at 2 A.M., since at this hour I would expect shootings or roberries to occur lol.

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  1. Almora's Avatar
    What a fun saturday :D

    And LOL @ the last line. Is it that bad? Dx
    Posted 09-30-2012 at 12:16 PM by Almora Almora is offline
  2. kuyaBaka's Avatar
    My question: did you take a jello shot off his body!?
    Posted 09-30-2012 at 01:22 PM by kuyaBaka kuyaBaka is offline
  3. kmelfina's Avatar
    @Kuya: I wish. *not of legal age*. David wanted to buy me a Jell-O shot, but I politely declined xD

    @Almo: Well depends... it's good that none of that shit happened AT ALL during the night x_x;
    Posted 09-30-2012 at 06:32 PM by kmelfina kmelfina is offline
  4. kuyaBaka's Avatar
    Half the time they don't even care, lol.
    Posted 09-30-2012 at 09:44 PM by kuyaBaka kuyaBaka is offline
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