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2nd year... well feeling a little dead lol.

Posted 09-19-2012 at 09:03 PM by kmelfina
On the inside is what I mean. I'll explain...

Dorm life: well it's new. Constant fire alarms the first 3 weeks. The worst case was a 1:30 AM, where in the end a SHOOTING took place a few blocks away (we all heard the gun shots and ran back into the building!!!!). Room mate and I don't talk much, oh well we're both on our computers. Don't think I could communicate with him well... He's nice though and would rather have privacy.

Classes (warning, for I'll also list if I have interest in some classmates...):

Linear Algebra. Ugh I have a little trouble learning what the professor teaches, and it takes the end of class when everything clicks.

MATLAB: Eek, inputting functions to get an answer. Apparently I need Linear Algebra and prior experience (which I don't have) so I"ll have the book save me. There's this guy named Corey... eh not my type.

UNIV 200: I like this guy named Mark. That is all, though I won't get much reciprocation. Also I have a 'B' due to proofreading (or lack thereof). My professor says I'm fine with the content, but... a plethora of simple errors add up x_x; There are times when I wonder if I have the ability to 'proofread' but figure that I would be completely blind in attempting it (as in I wouldn't understand if something is really correct or incorrect grammatically).

Physics 201: I need to get through concepts quickly (especially using the right equations for the right situations).

Art History 101: 3 hour class. Only on Fridays from 9-12. Got a 91% on first exam =D Hooray for memorizing artwork for 2 hours!

Personal life:

Well my dad got me a new laptop where he said I should use it for studies... well... *Youtube, Pokemon Ruby, Facebook lol* I'm doing fine in my classes though...

Anyways since I got Skype, I actually got to interact with Alex. So we talked and did *other things I don't want to list here so I'll leave that to your imaginations*, but that was only 1 week ago. I've been bothering him a bit asking if we could chat again (since during our first/only interaction he said he'd respond if I wanted to talk to him). He's a Residential Assistant to his college which means that he is busy... *sighs* I feel like I should give up, though yesterday he responded kindly that he had work (dorm watch). I just wish I knew when he really is available. Maybe I should just admit that I'm obsessed, crazy and severely irrational in pursuing contact with him.

At least I get to see him on the 29th *he's coming to Richmond to work as a bar tender in a speedo again for Richmond Pride*. 2 years is a lot of dedication for this event if all goes well.

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  1. Nebula's Avatar
    1:30am that is well before most people's bedtime.

    Matlab... Does that program even work? I put something in get many error messages. And then put it into an earlier version and voila! It works..........

    Physics, make a list of what each greek alphabet letter means.. And try not to mix up Eta and Xi.
    However quantum mechanics makes sense after you do separation of variables. Thernophysics makes sense
    Posted 09-20-2012 at 12:08 AM by Nebula Nebula is offline
  2. Torikakae's Avatar
    MATLAB...good times....goooood tiimmmeessss....

    ..and where is this place where the bartenders are in speedos? Rawr~
    Posted 09-20-2012 at 03:51 AM by Torikakae Torikakae is offline
  3. kuyaBaka's Avatar
    Linear Algebra.
    Couldn't get into that this semester. But I took Differentials last semester which is supposed to be after Linear and it wasn't too bad.
    Posted 09-20-2012 at 03:04 PM by kuyaBaka kuyaBaka is offline
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