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that movie... Milk.

Posted 02-26-2012 at 11:31 PM by kmelfina
Updated 02-27-2012 at 05:45 AM by kmelfina
For "Harvey Milk".

Well floors 2 and 11 decided to sponsor it in the community room, me being floor 11. Of course I was the only one going since everyone else was busy with their activities be in personal pleasure, video games etc. Mostly video games (don't get me wrong I blow hours on 'em too, but decided to spend a little free time on the movie). All this to enforce the ideas of civic action and community advocacy blah blah blah.

*sighs* Seeing in the movie how HM got his last 2 relationships by simple encounter (meeting one guy in a subway, the other was drunk and stumbled upon his campaign headquarters)... ugh. I was on the line of envious and disgusted, I can't tell if the other guys turned away or in a sense 'tolerated'. Don't really know why though, at times I feel as if all I want is a relationship, or a one night stand at best thus destroying my self-worth and integrity and not giving 2 shts about it.

Other than that, good for him being the influential coercive boss tweed that got him killed in the end by Mr. "I did it because of Twinkies" guy even though he was a whiney little ***** for leaving his position to then suddenly want it back. Sure he fought for 'gay rights' but look at the state of CA after Prop 8.

Why I hate democracy 101: the majority always rules, for whatever can be given can also be taken away by a simple vote.

EDIT: bad night. Well now that my thoughts are more clear now... I'm impressed by his business like attitude but he took it a bit far with his assassin's state of mind. Still don't understand voting for things in order to have it allowed... gay civil rights? So you have to work in the system in order to do what you want to do, so much for a 'land of the free' society.

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