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Yes I joined a cult.

Posted 01-03-2012 at 02:05 PM by kmelfina
More of a political one in nature, the cult of Ron Paul! =D

Okay fine after a few months of Occupy Richmond and resting from the "high emotional state" (y'know, the "NO MORE CORPORATIONS IN OUR POLITICS!") for a time of learning how our economics actually works along with government involvement... I decided to stick with the conclusion that it really does have to do more with our government than the people there think. The [original] Tea Party was right, government involvement does mess up the market whether it comes to insurance of any kind, and loans for colleges.

I decided to become Libertarian for individual rights, much to my liberal friends' discontent in the college I go to (VCU), and believe in the Free Market which can regulate itself of prices through Supply & Demand. All those issues of Minimum Wage, Civil Rights Act of 1964, "Gay Rights" blinded me into thinking that the government could actually be the cure of all ills, but in the end does more harm than good since a) wages are an agreement between the employer AND employee to how much one is willing to pay and how much one is willing to work b) Private institutions right to do whatever it wishes on its own property including discrimination, the people's ability to boycott etc. c) Gov't has no right to tell who can/can't marry in a free society since anyone can just do it in churches or their state official and call their union whatever they want.

All there in the Constitution ^_^;

I know those of you might call me "Brainwashed", but that doesn't matter anymore. Grew up in a Fox News conservative household, gained a heart to social issues to a liberal, and now stopped at Libertarian wanting prosperity to not just our state but the world (non-interventionist policies eh?). Most of the time the evolution is Liberal > Conservative > Libertarian from the idea of less government involvement in our personal/economic lives.

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