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Posted 12-10-2011 at 03:28 PM by kmelfina
Okay update on me to Philippines/CA, CANCELLED because tickets cost so much! So mom's heading here next Sunday.

Also... sent an e-mail to my T.A. technically asking him out/fail. After thinking of the consequences, most interesting mistake of my life.

Finals time!

Dante's Inferno: 39/40. On a question I got right on an exam before BUT couldn't remember again.

Chemistry: Not a final, just a 4th exam. OMG PLASTICS, NUCLEAR ENERGY, AND WATER?! I couldn't remember which plastic is #6, what polymer is used to make food storage bags, and how many nuclear reactors there are in the U.S.

Sociology - not done, BUT professor did say that most of the questions are coming from the study guides he put up on his online site. Also questions from previous exams will be there as well.

Problem(s): Site = Broken, and he didn't give out answer keys to the last exams we took >_>;

Globalization: OPTIONAL! *not taking it* Happy with my grade so yeah.

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