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Wanting to say "No"

Posted 12-07-2011 at 12:00 AM by kmelfina
This time to mom. About not going to the Philippines or California for my winter break. If anyone read my past blog on my family situation, yeah I'm not willing to go through the [Insert mom's family friend asking me why I "decided" to come but in the end was emotionally pandered by mom + her best friend with guilt trips as if taking out 7 years of my early life wasn't enough]. Besides I <3 the snow in VA.

That and finals, well the last one I have is on the 20th... and it's optional. Also it's Globalization, guess I could confess useless feelings to the T.A. or w/e. That and I need to increase my grade X_X;

I know some of you guys might yell out "YOU'RE CHOOSING SOME T.A. OVER YOUR MOM YOU HEARTLESS BASTARD!" (I know some of you out there might say that) but here: I'm 18, and after years of going back and forth between CA and VA I don't want to keep clashing with those conversations of "Are you staying in VA? Is your mom coming back to live with me [Dad]" etc.

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