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[UPDATE] END. I can finally let this all go~

Posted 10-31-2011 at 03:00 PM by kmelfina
Updated 10-31-2011 at 08:56 PM by kmelfina
Somehow (not miraculously) I bumped into him. The Trey guy stated that he called me 3 times in the morning of last weekend so he could pay me back and I shouldn't "pin all this on him". That's impossible I thought, since I KNOW I didn't get any phone calls other than my dad and the fact that I deleted his phone number like, last night. Using a little shadow of doubt, MAYBE we got each other's phone #s wrong.

He explained his situation to me from his account.

1) He's not a student (well there goes his "I graduated from Thomas Dale" story)

2) He's living with his aunt around the area since she's not doing anything and he resorts to begging (I could be a capitalistic ******* and flat out tell him "well look for a job" but then remembered you need information, references like family/friends of why you should get hired because in all honesty, a person saying "I want this job" doesn't mean they'll get it. Think about it especially in this job market inb4 the "WELL HE'S NOT TRYING HARD ENOUGH!" with all the other students looking for part-time. Well times where I wish there was something out there like a job if any for those who don't have resources... eh hopefully another economic system takes over or ours gets reformed in a way)

3) He clearly stated that he'll never ask me for anymore money since apparently I did a lot sacrificing as a student just for someone like him. I could tell the sincerity in his eyes and tone of voice, so yeah.

I stopped caring about the $20 since I just remembered a part of the money I got from graduation money [in the form of checks] was part of it, so I could consider myself "giving a part of my money"...

*sighs* Dear Karma, please pay me back in any way possible >_<; I'm NEVER doing something like this again, there are tons of other people who can step up.

EDIT: Well totally lost sympathy or pity to help others directly. Might as well contribute to Richmond's "Charity Parking Meter Devices" where they get to since apparently giving to the person sets up a "harmful mental rhetoric that begging always works if one person gives then another in a crowd would give also".

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