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*sighs* I really am an idiot x-x;

Posted 10-30-2011 at 06:50 PM by kmelfina
Well, I'm finally putting my brain to use on this whole situation. Ugh how could I let my emotions get over me... Idk if I should cry about it but here goes:

1) The "Trey" person's cell phone number was incorrect. The voice was... well I don't know if it was a relative.

2) The 2nd time we bumped into each other, was at Shafer's (the place where you use Swipes to enter). Alarm bells should have went off right from the start [He might have asked someone else to use a swipe].

I KNEW I should have told him I lied about running out of swipes instead of giving up $20 (ugh how could lying be worse than that)

3) I didn't even ask him for a student I.D. to prove he really was one. Okay for someone who keeps asking for something (he said he thanked me for "giving $40), how'd he get in college?

4) There's a possibility he could be a bum with a student-like appearance.

5) How could I take in the whole "I have an overweight grandmother in brooklyn for a $50 bus fare (Well I'm not good with bus fare costs from VA to NY) and pulling the whole "This is REAL man" card.

6) I know he won't pay it back. Grandmother passing away? Hah, I doubt there's a will to go along with it if it were true. He didn't even state how he'd pay back the money before I gave him the $20.

If I ever see him again... I want to confront him or run the f*** away. Damn moral dilemmas.

Okay someone reward me with a Dunce Hat, I truly deserve it X_X;

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  1. Krem's Avatar
    If you do confront him and he tells you a baww story try to be impartial and doubt every word he tells you.
    Posted 10-31-2011 at 08:33 AM by Krem Krem is offline
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