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I want let it out. So. Much.

Posted 09-27-2011 at 04:14 PM by kmelfina
OKAY so the past few weeks were... well I don't even remember well. So hectic.

Focused Inquiry (Basically English Class but analysis on essays and us producing essays):

Personal Narrative Essay... I pick, my senior experience of meeting Devan and how that impacted my life. Academic challenge, having these feelings for him, making origami over the months as school progressed as a symbol of hidden affection which cannot be revealed due to the environment I was in *coughHighschoolcough*. My teacher has high hopes so I can't let him down!!!!! And he really wants me to incorporate origami >_>;

I want to talk to Devan again, for his permission or anything in case the essay gets 1st place. Even if I don't give all the info., still I just hope he's alright with it.

Dante's Inferno... 2nd Exam and... got a 95% D=

WELL, there was one question where I picked the RIGHT answer BUT panicked due to the logic. Damn little details, taking away 5%. Ugh so pissed that I don't trust myself or my instincts enough. I know it's a good grade, just... a;osiehra;oehr;aoewir

not to mention unhealthy crush on Shawn during class... great.


Sociology: now we have participation for discussions with a microphone for extra credit. MUST GET +3% POINTS for final grade.


Globalization: dear god it's so central to "Blah blah blah Care about and know what's going around the world issues blah blah blah counter insurgencies against terrorism blah blah blah the evils that totalitarian governments have done" that it just seems simple. But then he goes on about the countries where I stop taking notes, get so intrigued that I don't know if I should take notes on the countries and their situations. Hopefully the exam on Thursday would have ridiculous choices like "The Cold War is: A war between Alaska and Antartica" stuff like that.

Crushing on Jared, guy next to me. He's nice... and the T.A. Nathan, who's real friendly. But I digress, I need to stop getting distracted, especially by all that other eye candy. Damnit.


Chemistry: 1st Exam, so confused on what to answer. Hopefully I did well since I took adequate notes and had to look waaaaaay back into my unconscious memory for answers xP.


Joined a group called "***** Action" just for a little inclusion, and for directions to that gay club to meet new people. Just this once. Well they're nice, but some of the students are kinda, apalling. Okay so 2 weeks ago there was this game on a slide show called "Straight Dar" where we just use perceptions to see who is straight/gay/les/trans etc.

The game got kinda so mean and hurtful. "That guy is most likely gay, while the girl smiling in the pic is way out of his league and needs better make up", "Those 2 guys are most likely bromance straight, but the one holding the other looks like a douche". For a community that has been persecuted, you're quite the fast ones to pull off the same behaviors you're willing to be protected from >_>;

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  1. Lol I find it adorable that you're like crushing on different guys each class. LOL. Good luck on your Globalization Exam and all your other exams!

    ----I assume that you're in college?

    And I don't really understand what bromance straight means lol. I totally agree with your personal views lol. Good day to you!
    Posted 09-28-2011 at 04:42 PM by Scathach Scathach is offline
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