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MMO withdrawal... yeah not feelin' it.

Posted 09-21-2011 at 05:30 PM by kmelfina
College life is so much fun. Okay it's just me Youtubing for hours lol. Studying? What's that?

J/k, I'm attempting force my brain to remember sooo much stuff before next week's exams. It's going to be TOUGH especially with all the little details. I wonder who my professors' professors were...

Also got a diary to input all my feelings, what happened in the day. But I can't edit easily like here xD

*sighs* I'm still not over him... it's been months after graduation yet I'm writing my personal narrative essay about him. (containing Origami, conflict of Friendship/Sexuality, inclusion of a group which was academic challenge). Essays suck imho. BUT my professor has high hopes if I pull it off just right.

EDIT: Do I miss playing MMOs online? Well... I just watch youtube on Gameplay. Best of wishes for those who are going to keep on at the Lv 32 Cap. I know for sure my Guild Syraix is dead [again] but we're all kids in highschool/college-like situations and no time for fun and games. At least I got San [leader] and katie [from La Tale but quit due to her dad's intervention].

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