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You didn't mean it, but still...

Posted 08-26-2011 at 07:43 PM by kmelfina
So I decided to escort my friend Gabi to all the possible bookstores to help her find her math workbook.

So she decided to leave for a bit since I was in Barnes & Noble looking for origami books. Few minutes later she came back saying that the employee gave her shitty directions. So she asked the guy, and I attempted to overhear. Well it was all jumbled so the last thing I hear is "keep going on Grace Street, and you'll see the bookstore on your left after you exit the bookstore and then follow through".

So for the next 20 minutes we turned LEFT, then looked left at all the stores next to us thus getting lost and near dangerous parts of Richmond (Hookah Bars anyone?). So Gabi being frustrated tried getting the address but her Blackberry didn't work out well with E-mail messages and got more frustrated. With me saying that I couldn't get clear directions she stated "Well yeah we get that you're stupid in directions" (few days before I was reading a map all wrong since I couldn't tell which direction is what). So she got a phone call from her friend Diana and telling her on the frustrations of our journey, getting asked if she's safe. Her comment? "Well does Bien LOOK like a protector? You've got to be kidding me -.-". How I kept my composure, I don't know. So we re-traced all our steps, and there it was, the bookstore. Apparently we were supposed to turn right at the street intersection when we left Barnes & Noble which is where she finally got her workbook. She later apologized if she was acting like a ***** (you think?) or if she was cycling (PMS???).

Okay I get that, you're like my older sister. Explains why I didn't break down until a few days later (aka now since I'm wasting time entering this blog) LOL.

Few things:

- Okay I admit I didn't know how to read the map well but after a few days of VCU who needs it? I'm still not clear on some areas (others I'd stay away from)

- I'll be going off to the gym to work out so I can be useful and no longer called or labeled as a useless bag of bones due to my own personal fear of everyone else's perception of me. Or that all the other guys have healthy amounts of fat/muscle and aren't severely skinny like me.

No matter what I do to help, I'm always up short in some aspect in their [anyone I help out] eyes. Kinda makes the "want" to help not a part of me.

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