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random blog!

Posted 02-08-2011 at 06:15 PM by kmelfina
been a while...



Report card: got 1 B in Physics orz. SO CLOSE TO AN "A"! Bleh, 4.673 GPA doesn't sound too shabby.

Still semi-procrastinating self, and senior-itis is kicking in lol. Project due next week from today, should be easy.

Holding off future plans on mastering that origami dragon that took a 35 min vid for me to watch just to see it but not perfect it a few tries *gets origami paper for weekend*

I'm getting ready for academic challenge in the regionals. Hopefully I can do well on the team.

Hopefully VCU takes in my application completely!

I'm still daydreaming of having a relationship since it's oh so not likely. I keep telling myself "wait for college since the campus is big and a lot of fish to choose from". Still hard to resist wanting a high school relationship x_x'

La Tale:

Daily schedule = FSF = Fail Sphinx Farm 6m an hour. 11 days til 2 pets are dead, and must rack up 12m in that period. Not to mention the box spamming event for XP potions is coming to a halt. 135 stacks (x99) away!!!!!!!!! Hopefully I can get my new Templar up to Lv 120 before the 23rd! Must... unleash... Superiors + Spooky then idk from there.

Apparently I find myself dragged into Coli Expert grind/Hardcore farming more than expected. It's boring after a while, but I'm used to it. More like "de-sensitized" to boredom.

Finally made my Sorcerer 110, and Tier IV Food Alchemy for Mango Freezes/Pineapple Fried Rice and I forgot the last food guild quest item >.>

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