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Just Awesome.

Posted 01-21-2011 at 12:38 PM by kmelfina
Anyone know of Academic Challenge? Well it's like "Battle of the Brains"/Jeopardy kind of club that's school sponsored.

Anyways after months of practicing, competition day between school districts came with an elimination match (1 match = 1 hour or so, and 7 schools do deal with. But the order was 2 teams and 1 team gets a "Bye" so yay for 1 hour waiting xD).

The 1st 2 schools were tough, but the home team we almost lost to since they knew their art/geography. The final team was so damn formal and refined, it was kinda creepy.

My school team was undefeated (thank god I knew that "David" was thes sculpture out of marble and revived during the renaissance or something like that. At least that's 1 out of the rest I answered) mainly because of the 2 people Dev and Luc who were well polished in literature and history/geography.

Our last match had 1 loss, and the rules are that it takes 2 losses to be booted. Since our group was proclaimed undefeated, a loss would mean an extra 1 hour match x_x;

Thankfully we won, but BARELY!!!! Final score 165-160. The other team got another question because their coach did a "challenge" (the point in the game where a team is granted a question, only of means that they are very close in the term of scores). At least their question was a book that not one of us in the room (even our teachers) didn't know of. So yeah 1st place in district woot! But that means regionals we *might* face them again (1st/2nd place = spot for regionals).

I'm still shooting myself in the foot for:

a) Not answering "Ellipse" despite hearing the question stating "this shape can be made by having 2 focii" but I doubted myself.

b) Not answering "NEWTON!" after missing out on part of the question "this man re-formed Kepler's 1st law of inertia..."

I learned both a few days ago in Physics, so there's no reason for me to not know that T_T

c) Not buzzing in quick enough for the question "this wife of Ahab wanted [can't remember his name]'s grape vineyard". I was gonna buzz for "JEZEBEL!" but my team mate got it wrong when he buzzed faster.

d) Worst of all. Interrupting on this question that asked for the group that contains an organism that is known to be formed in a fairy ring (I was immediately thinkign MUSHROOMS!!! thus forgetting that it asked for the group). I buzzed in near the end of the question w/ "mushrooms?" and was wrong. The final part was "for 10 pts, name this group that the mushrooms come from". The real answer was fungi.

Well my stomach was churning the rest of the match (incoming physics/bible questions after) so I couldnt' concentrate.

Still part of the winning team, and... wish us luck for regionals!!!!

I guess I should spruce up on poetry/politics/mythology.

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