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Excuses excuses excuses... well can't stop making 'em in PvP DX

Posted 04-21-2010 at 05:37 PM by kmelfina
PvP, a place to have fun in combat with other players. It is known that it takes great skill to overcome your opponent, but also good latency for less drawback + handling your class well + good equips to defend yourself.

When I'm at a disadvantage in PvP as a lame 141 Bard (healing/support/water magic class), I always tend to make excuses to hide that I really suck at it... for example:

- I have constant 5 second long lag spikes which gives the opponent a clear shot at killing me

- My equips are statless and not like the FS +50-60/+20% Max Phys/Magic Attack and Critical Hit Damage.

- latency won't allow me to guard fast enough, so I can't really think .5 seconds ahead into the future so I just say "screw it!" to guarding.

- despite all the information I've been given the fights to me all vary, so I can't really tell what to do first.

The sole reason I PvP is for the equips that give more HP so I can survive more in PvE. I keep reading advice on the advantages of Bards and other classes (so I know what to look for) but start getting all "adrenaline/low time to think" feeling when I'm up against someone. I just feel like I fail so much since I haven't memorized the range of my attacks like everyone else has, which wastes SP and precious time when I need the attack most... that and getting cancelled doing mid-air spells X_X I just get stuck in the worst positions (like I'm on a platform where a Bard can clearly Ice me out, also out run all my spells perfectly since I did not succeed noticing timing of attacks and execution range).

All I want right now is some mentors of different classes to teach me. Because I watched so many PvP vids of someone about to use an attack, and the person just runs quickly as the attack is being executed and is immediately BEHIND THE PERSON. I just want to be at a level where I know the time it takes before an attack to be "fully executed" (like the animation starts to be in a state where damage is inflicted in range but in cases I've noticed that it takes the AoE Spell .01 seconds til damage is being inflicted after being used).

The time I win matches is either the person is of a low level, suffers from lag, at a point where I can be a cheap shot and not care and has easy to read attacks... but I feel really guilty about it if the person was lagging (like a Lv 155 Blader I defeated).

But school is first from now on (too much LT stress not good), so there's no point in me whining... I know this is just a game, but I feel too drawn and serious into it.

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