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PvPing to death /addict

Posted 04-02-2010 at 09:49 PM by kmelfina
Updated 04-03-2010 at 08:06 PM by kmelfina

So... I was kinda interested in PvP after watching Venus vids *one of my role model Bards as well as Teddyz + Silhanna aka Latiam*

I've been trying hard to practice so I can raise up points for a +4 Epic Magic PvP 3 piece set *because grinding = monsters take away +10% of my HP per hit even w/ buffs x_X*

I got my hat to +4 for a 500 HP Boost. Next up is the shirt. Today I got 1,500 points, but failed getting the "Epic Shirt" so that was a complete bust on my part lol...

Besides that I am desperate for a PvP Farm-fest this spring break because I never took the time before or had any at all *grinding + quests + didn't know who to go w/*. It all feels like a redundant cycle when I go through serious PvP fights:

1) You need epic gear to survive + good latency
2) level is next for more skills
3) you get more points for more wins

So on step 1 I'm kind of have low Stamina/Luck, and I definately don't have fashion statted gear or excelling latency...

step 2, the extra ice range is good except people can easily dodge it. I cant' really concentrate during the fight to see which skills *especially pvp skills* have cooled down to use at the right moments.

step 3, the constant losses in 1v1 makes me lose a lot of potenial points in the end *about 380 if I didn't bother farming every 10 minutes* so it adds up.

I understand and accept these weaknesses, so I'll just continue PvPing anyways w/o comment. I'm mostly friendly when I lose, w/ a little regret I could have had hope the battle would be different if I made less mistakes *turning, airskilling at the right time, guarding*
As of now I've gotten used to the PvP Egos of the day such as:

a) a GS who stated at the beginning "wanna quit now? You'll lose anyways" before I even moved my character o_o

b) this kid Bard iHertz who ranted at me for "cheating" by healing and ESing while invincible resurrection time *the kid and his blader friend did it while they were invincible to so yeah....

c) this girl GoldenDragon. She'd just storm up anything if she gets beaten like "omg you suck w/ your heal spams" *well you're a bard, you can do it to y'know* and in FFA she just announced to everyone "get the kid bard, he sucks anyways", "the only way he can get kills is by taking out those w/ 1%" and finally when I stated I was having fun, she retorted "how and WHY the hell are you having fun, you suck! It's not possible!!!".

Out of all/most those fights, I wanted to tell them to "STFU. It's a game, whining about pixels won't solve anything. Deal with it as it goes" or the "Suck it up" but I fear of being reported in case they're "over-sensitive".

My deepest apologies to anyone reading this if I am contradicting/hypocritical in any way/shape/form. It's spring break, 1:04 AM and I gotta sleep... T_T

Well this happened:
Drama over pvp Farming wth... having this the last place I'd expect drama if any is just beyond me.

So I decided to 4v4 w/ an old friend "Daske". He organized a team and his friend did also for a farming. BUT he just decided to pwn 'em all. I DC'd the 2nd round (there were 3).

The third round a female Bard cyynthia was questioning if we were farming or being aggressive. Despite this system of gaining points, I was abhorred of the dishonesty displayed, I am VERY ashamed of my guildmate jimmy for going along with it despite Daske placing all the blame on HIM on our team's aggressive behavior.

I PM'd Cyynthia and she got extemely pissed at me for PMing instead of shouting it out loud at an earshot. I was being in respect to both sides of the issue (I did not know who won the 2nd match due to me being DC'd and seriously I could have withheld information). When the match was over, I called Daske on his atrocity and finally logged out of the drama.
================================================== =

What a great way to start my 1 year anniversary of La Tale -.- Screw this I'm quittin' for a *bit* Well Lent is over, I'm off to Persona 3! [/QUOTE]

So don't expect me during Spring Break... I have to cool off a bit lol. I fail again, got mad over something that happened in the internet. But I remember humans get online, thus drama shall always arise no matter where I go.


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