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A Day In The Life..

Posted 02-16-2010 at 02:02 PM by Khmer2k1d5
So, Idk if you've noticed the snowstorm that's been plaguing the entire NE USA, but I have. If you haven't, you're either not from the PA/NJ/DE tri-state area or you need to get outside, fast.

No pictures, but me and the Gzy Belle went on a walk the other day. We're weird and she's super clumsy so she fell in the snow a lot; like, so much that it seemed like she was being forced into the snow by some unknown force. Ok, so I was the unknown force, haha. We walked from my house, to the park, to the 7-11, to past the Desantis' household and all the way to the Nguyen household. That's a hike.

So we take walks. Today was just a catch up on each others lives because apparently, she disappeared! Lol, I usually take a bunch of walks during the summer, it's how I get "black", you know? She's a straight G, definitely a change in my life.

Who knows, twas' just another day in the life..

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