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Undefined means;

a.) without fixed limits; indefinite in form, extent, or application: undefined authority; undefined feelings of sadness.
b.) not given meaning or significance, as by a definition; not defined or explained: an undefined term.

An Abyss is;

a.) A bottomless or unfathomed depth, gulf, or chasm; hence, any deep, immeasurable, and, specifically, hell, or the bottomless pit
b.) Infinite time; a vast intellectual or moral depth.

Undefined + Abyss =
A bottomless or unfathomed depth, gulf, or chasm; hence, any deep, immeasurable, and, specifically, hell, or the bottomless pit without fixed limits; indefinite in form, extent, or application: undefined authority; undefined feelings of sadness.

This blog of mine is undefined; I'll post from candy to war, from politics to peanut butter, from people to experiences.
There is no real topic, it's about anything in my POV! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ
A bottomless pit of anything in my point of view.

Annnnnd... here we go!
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Voca Fusion! ♪(┌ ・。・)┌

Posted 05-21-2012 at 08:42 AM by Kanra



Voca Fusion was so freakin' awesome!
I saw a few DRRR!! merch such as Izaya pillow, DRRR!! tumbler, Shizaya pins, Celty keychain. Of course, I bought them all~

BUT, it wasn't because of the merch on why it was awesome. It's cause...

(Maid macho was the prettiest one in the event.) AND THEY ALL SIGNED MY POSTER AND TICKET! Except for Min-chan, Maid macho and Melo I didn't have any space left. ;w;
And when I asked That-san to sign my ticket, he almost took the marker I lent him! AAH his laugh is so gorgeous! That marker will forever be known as, THAT MARKER. YES. And omgomg, I was able to take a picture with Yoru! So cool~
Yoru sang around 2 songs, I only know the 2nd song he sang though. It was Calc, piano ver. After his first song, he asked a question regarding the song and whoever got a good answer would get his bracelet that had "Yoru" on it. I spazzed at first, till he asked the question cause I didn't know the answer. I was very tempted to stalk the guy who won and rob him, agh so jealous! But anyway, that was amazing. Hearing Yoru LIVE is so ****ing wonderful!

And then there's Osamuraisan.. who wore a Yukata! (you could see his bare chest, asdfghjkl)
When he first went on the stage, it went something like this,

Osamuraisan: Hello, I am Osamuraisan.
(in english with a very calm and soothing voice)


Everytime he spoke people would cheer or squeal. That includes me, haha!

Osamuraisan did a few solos! That was the first time I heard his guitar skills and oh my god.. THAT'S WHAT I CALL SKILLS MAN. He did Meltdown, Happy Synthesiser, Senbonzakura, Scissor Hands and another song which I forgot. Alot of people sang along on Meltdown and Senbonzakura while Melo danced Happy Synthesiser for us, she's so good in dancing! People kept asking for an encore, he kept agreeing until Senbonzakura. He seemed pleased about the encores though, haha.

And after Osamuraisan's solos, a wild That appeared!

Literally, he jumped on stage and was all like,

That: Hello! I am That! woohoo!

He was actually speaking some tagalog! w/ some english but most of time, Translator-san would help. That-san's really charmingly funny, he got the audience screaming after he said these particular sentences.

That: It's so hot in the philippines right now, but the people are also VERY HOT.

Audience: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! (put in bold to emphasize the sheer loudness. xD)

That: Yes, I'm serious! And the first tagalog sentence I learned was, "Kiss mo ako!"

Audience: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! (volume of screams x2)

That was so funny. (and freaking loud!)
And after that scream-fest, Osamuraisan went back onstage and did a duet performance with That! That was the vocalist, obviously. His voice was freaking gorgeous and beautiful! And his dance moves are pretty suave. That's performance level was very hyperactive, he got the audience to sing along and clap! I unfortunately didn't know the songs he sang, but they were beautiful~

I couldn't pay attention to Min-chan's performance cause it was meet and greet and I was so nervous and kept jumping and derping in the line trying to calm myself. But I heard some bits of it, and her voice was very serene and pretty!

And then at the near end of the event, (yes, I stayed there from when it started till it ended.) there was this band called Asterisk. They were really cool, the vocalist did a few screamos and their first song called "magenta" got the crowd head-banging and semi-dancing. The Smiley Chorus were head-banging while dancing in a really funny way. The band really was good!

And then at the end, The Smiley Chorus and special guests sang on stage! So much beautiful voices all at once, asdfghjkl. I didn't get a video of it cause my camera overflowed with videos of me stalking the special guests performances, haha!

After it was all over, my aunt Rei and I ate at Teriyaki Boy and I drew VF logos and VF special guests on my placemat. I left it there for everyone to see, lol. There were more awesome events, but I'm too lazy now. I'm hungry and somewhat dizzy. xD

It took me 2 hours and alot of walking to get home since there were too much people with scarcity of taxi's so we had to walk to different locations back and forth to find taxi's. But I didn't care how tired and how my feet were about to fall off. I just met Yoru, That, Osamuraisan, Rerulili, and a few others! NOTHING COULD RUIN MY HAPPINESS. I'M STILL SO GIDDY OVER IT EVEN AFTER A DAY, IT'S SO INCREDIBLE! I WILL GET RID OF MY INTERMEDIATE GRAD CERTIFICATE AND PUT MY POSTERS AND TICKET THERE INSTEAAAADDD CONSIDERING IT WAS THE BEST MOMENT OF MY LIFEEEEE!!! AND I SHALL ALSO PRACTICE AND DO MY OWN SONG COVERS FOR THEM TO KNOW OF MY EXISTANCE!



☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

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  1. Torikakae's Avatar
    Where was this, when was this, and why did I not know about this?
    Posted 05-22-2012 at 02:42 PM by Torikakae Torikakae is offline
  2. Kanra's Avatar

    VF was hosted in the Philippines, Manila as the first Vocaloid event in the Philippines. It happened on May 20th.
    Hm, I don't know how you didn't know about it though, they had a website, fb page, I think a few ads too, yup. (*・v・)

    Posted 05-23-2012 at 03:00 AM by Kanra Kanra is offline
  3. Torikakae's Avatar
    The hell? HOW COULD I MISS THIS!!??? ARRRRGGGGHHH!!!!!!! T_T

    They need to advertise better Q_Q

    Tell me next time if events like this happen again. And hopefully there isn't a Lady Gaga concert the next day that would drain my spare cash again~
    Posted 05-23-2012 at 02:17 PM by Torikakae Torikakae is offline
  4. Kanra's Avatar

    Ah, yeah sure! My friend told me about VF, she's a hardcore fan. Hopefully, this won't be the last Vocaloid event in PH. It was one of the few concerts I absolutely remembered.

    I wasn't able to go to that concert.
    I was way too spent after VF. I stood there for hours since even when the tall people sit, they're still blocking the way.
    (I'm short. fml.)

    Posted 05-23-2012 at 08:07 PM by Kanra Kanra is offline
  5. Torikakae's Avatar
    I hope so too. I really wanna catch the next one.

    Btw. Lady Gaga. Was. AWESOME!!!!! <3
    Posted 05-24-2012 at 03:45 AM by Torikakae Torikakae is offline
  6. Kanra's Avatar

    In the next one, they said Gero and Nano might be there.(*・v・)

    Aw, I now regret not going to the concert.
    But I still wouldn't have made it either way though. My friend said he stood for 3 hours.

    Posted 05-25-2012 at 06:45 AM by Kanra Kanra is offline
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