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Posted 06-09-2010 at 04:11 AM by k0n
We all have our ways to carry our cash. Some of us use credit cards or debit cards, checkbooks and some of us bring the cold hard cash. So if your wallet is heavy, should that mean you're rich? Not if your wallet is filled with ridiculous amounts of coins. What's the point of coins being so big and heavy anyways?

The comparison of weight to paper money is big and the value compare to them is small. Doesn't that bother anyone else besides me? Should poor people be bothered by handling large amounts of coins while the rich are dwelling in paper money if not with debit cards and credit cards? My little rant is this, shouldn't money be equal to its weight? Then again, having a lot of coins is pretty fun to throw at your friends when they make you mad, lol.

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  1. Catharsis's Avatar
    I hate carrying coins even though I need them for toll tickets and parking fees. That's why I keep my mountain of coins in my car.
    Posted 06-09-2010 at 05:15 AM by Catharsis Catharsis is offline
  2. Shiki's Avatar
    Coins are what causes my friend's purses to become weapons.

    Thank those people who decide to price their items with a 9cents or a 5 cents.
    Posted 06-09-2010 at 05:45 AM by Shiki Shiki is offline
  3. Mitchi's Avatar
    People don't carry coins much as far as US money goes, but I like carrying Dollar Coins (the big gold colored ones) and pretending to be a pirate.
    Posted 06-09-2010 at 09:12 PM by Mitchi Mitchi is offline
  4. k0n's Avatar
    I agree as well as I don't carry a whole lot of coins in the US too. In fact, I just carried a debit card/credit card and a couple of quarter for vending machines. Other than that though, I'm pretty sure carrying coins was a big issue for a long time.
    Posted 06-09-2010 at 10:30 PM by k0n k0n is offline
  5. Mitchi's Avatar
    Well hat's because no one ever uses any coin below a quarter for anything :|

    Hell, most vending machines these days only accept quarters as far as coins go (and NONE accept pennies), though thankfully, most new vending machines have credit card readers O_o

    I heard that there's plans to get rid of the penny, but I'm not that sure if it's true.

    At least when I was in highschool in the philippines, coins were still very very usable (jeepney fare, buying candy, etc).
    Posted 06-09-2010 at 11:27 PM by Mitchi Mitchi is offline
  6. i like to carry a knife and steal "coins" to other ppl ya know just for fun
    Posted 10-10-2010 at 02:47 PM by Gundam00Raiser Gundam00Raiser is offline
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