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This blog will provide free profile themes and avatars to use for your personal /ggFTW profile. You are also free to use any of the images in the themes for your own personal use as well. Please link the blog that you got the images from if you provide the images on a site that allow people to download them.

If you need help applying themes to your profile (or have no idea as to how to apply them), you can view the tutorial via this link. If you wish to see all the profile themes that I have available, you can do so by checking out this thread.

Thank you, have a nice day!
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How to properly apply themes to your profile.

Posted 10-30-2012 at 12:08 AM by Jon
Sorry that I'm basically holding your hand through this entire process, but if you already know how to add images to you profile album you can skip to step #6.

Step #1:
  • Go to your User Control Panel, and then click on the "Pictures & Albums" link (found under the "Networking" section).
Step #2:
  • Click on "Add Album", located below the album list (you won't notice anything besides the "Click here to add an album and start uploading pictures!" link if you don't have any current albums).
  • Note: You can skip step #1 (obviously) by just clicking on the "Add Album" link listed.
Step #3:
  • At this screen, enter an album title and description of the album. You can leave the description field blank if you like, and the title of the album doesn't matter either. Under "Album Type", make sure the "Profile" option is selected.
Step #4:
  • At this screen, simply click on the "Upload Pictures" pictures link at the bottom (you'll see a "Click here to upload pictures!" link if you don't have any images in your album).
Step #5:
  • Because the "Upload Pictures" screen only allows 3 uploads at a time, you're going to have to come back and add more pictures. After you upload a set, you can leave the description blank for each picture (it doesn't matter). After you're done setting the descriptions for each picture (or not), save it ([before you save] you also have the option of making one of the images your album cover [you can change it later if you decide that you don't like your current]).
Step #6:Step #7:
  • This is where you're going to need the theme layout code located in my theme blog posts. Using the layout code as a reference, fill out each section. Of course, you're free to use any hex color code that you desire.
  • Note #1: To enter a background image for a section, just click on that little picture icon.
  • Note #2: You don't need to save each section after entering information. When you're all done entering what you need, just simply hit the "Save Changes" button at the bottom.
Step #8:
  • Enjoy. :)

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