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First Blog Post

Posted 11-18-2009 at 10:24 AM by Johnnywup
Swine Flu ain't any fun.

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  1. PedroRomero's Avatar
    when you get over it you're gonna just up and leave us!
    Posted 11-18-2009 at 11:20 AM by PedroRomero PedroRomero is offline
  2. Johnnywup's Avatar
    Will not! I promise ;D
    Posted 11-18-2009 at 12:16 PM by Johnnywup Johnnywup is offline
  3. Bob's Avatar
    Get better soon D:
    Posted 11-18-2009 at 01:10 PM by Bob Bob is offline
  4. Johnnywup's Avatar
    Thanks dude
    Posted 11-18-2009 at 02:25 PM by Johnnywup Johnnywup is offline
  5. SOC's Avatar
    Are a lot of people getting it in San Diego and California? I haven't heard any cases here in Louisville and only a few in Kentucky!

    And what all are you feeling? Like symptoms and stuff. I need to watch for it, being on a college campus every day and all. <_<
    Posted 11-18-2009 at 03:31 PM by SOC SOC is offline
  6. Johnnywup's Avatar
    Yeah quite a few in SD and CA are getting it. Let me google that for you
    Posted 11-18-2009 at 04:29 PM by Johnnywup Johnnywup is offline
  7. SOC's Avatar
    Oh I know the symptoms, I just wanted to know what YOU were having. XD Some times it varies between people. And that sucks! Be careful bro! Feel better!
    Posted 11-18-2009 at 07:41 PM by SOC SOC is offline
  8. PedroRomero's Avatar
    my campus gave the h1n1 shots yesterday to those students in high risk. i didn't get one but i'm not too worried. is that foolish of me xD
    Posted 11-18-2009 at 10:30 PM by PedroRomero PedroRomero is offline
  9. SOC's Avatar
    Naw, I didn't get one either, it's a nazle mist and I am NOOOOT getting that. XD Well.. yes... I guess it IS foolish of us, but, I don't want that kind of shot. At all. <_< I will take the risk and just be clean!
    Posted 11-19-2009 at 06:02 AM by SOC SOC is offline
  10. PedroRomero's Avatar
    nasal mist seems so strange. i'd rather get a regular shot
    Posted 11-19-2009 at 06:38 AM by PedroRomero PedroRomero is offline
  11. Johnnywup's Avatar
    i agree about nasal mist.
    and swine flu is just like reg flu, its totally been blown out of proportion.
    Posted 11-19-2009 at 07:29 PM by Johnnywup Johnnywup is offline
  12. 7hatGuy's Avatar
    Nasal mist: how does that even work...?
    @ sickness: The only times I seemed to get sick was during vacations from school, last one being about... 4 years ago?
    Posted 11-19-2009 at 07:32 PM by 7hatGuy 7hatGuy is offline
  13. SOC's Avatar
    They squirt mist up your nose and you "snort" it pretty much. Burns like crazy and makes you super dizzy and crap. Normal shots are 10x better.
    Posted 11-19-2009 at 07:48 PM by SOC SOC is offline
  14. 7hatGuy's Avatar
    So apparently snorting this magic pixie water cures you?

    Posted 11-19-2009 at 08:33 PM by 7hatGuy 7hatGuy is offline
  15. Johnnywup's Avatar
    Yep. Except the Nasal mist just smells like shit, doesn't do shit, it doesnt make you dizzy. I prefer shots. In fact I LIKE SHOTS. I'd get em for fun.
    Posted 11-20-2009 at 10:03 AM by Johnnywup Johnnywup is offline
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