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Story Part.2.

Posted 01-10-2009 at 06:44 PM by JessikaLeigh
Updated 04-05-2010 at 09:51 AM by JessikaLeigh
Alright, i need to make a connection paragraph

here is next part of my story

One day, she left for the park, to meet her friends she thought liked her
but, in secret, they hated every thing about her
If they had chance, they would kill her.
She waited and waited, but no one was there.
"They must be late" She thought, not thinking about how much they hated her.
She was a clone of something she said she hated. She was a clone of something she disagreed with.

They never turned up, they never called her. They waited, waited for her to walk home, alone, upset. Which she would be doing soon, she was tired of waiting and not getting any answer from the phone. She felt used and saddened, at the fact they would not answer her.

She began to walk home, looking rather down, she couldnít understand why they did this. They saw her coming, they hid in the bushes, for her to go past, so they could attack her.

She walked past them, without realising they were there, and they jumped out, crow bars and bricks in hand. "Here is all the mental pain we have endured thanks to you. Hereís all the pain we have had because of you just not simply understanding that we hate you" they chanted, as they cannot take her anymore. They hit her with the bricks, lashing them down like hailstones onto her bruised body. Hitting her with a crow bar, breaking her bones into a tiny, unfixable pieces. She didnít understand. she didnít know why, why are they doing this to me. I Thought they liked me. When it was obvious they didn't.

They hear another group approaching, and they ran, leaving her to die at the side of the road, blood coming out of her body. She fainted from all the pain. The other group, who didn't know the girl, called for an ambulance, "Hurry she is close to death"

She awakes to a white room, no one around. She couldnít move her limb's, only able to move her eyes. Not knowing where she is. Not knowing what happened after she fainted. She began to panic. She could hear slow footsteps, slowly getting louder and louder until they stopped. The handle began to move inwards, as if they were opening the door.

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