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Kinda worked on story :x

Posted 01-07-2009 at 06:28 AM by JessikaLeigh
So this is a story ive been working on in college and on the bus to college

Alone, in her room. She hid behind her bedroom door, by the hot radiator. She hugged her legs for comfort.

Sighing a cold breath, she didnt notice a shadow by her window,
but she noticed the cold presense that could be felt around her.

A Dark shadow appeared out of the unlit corner of her room.

"I Hate you, i hate your soul and your ever being. Your attitude, it makes me sick. I Want to murder you."

Panic shot through her face, but by the time she had brought her head up, the cold presense had disappeared, along with the shadow.

Her curtains rattled after a gust of icy wind shot through them. She could of sworn her window was closed. She was too afraid to go and close it though, incase the shadow was waiting for her.

Quitely hovering downstairs, she hoped someone was there, even though she knew her parents where out off town for the weekend.

She let out a small tear in panic. Just who was this "thing" and why did it dislike her so much.

Trying to take her mind of things, she started to message her friends, well, what she would call friends.

TBH im gonna combine this with another story ive wrote
Id like peoples opinion so please feel free to leave me some (but no flamers please )

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