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What to do after a car collision (Warning: One expletive)

Posted 11-14-2012 at 03:24 PM by Inspiration
Well guys, as I've posted here, the car recently got rear-ended so it was like, "O.o...damn (and some other expletives). Right before the bio test." However, it was stressful having only a shaky understanding of what to do in this situation. I'd asked about it before but was unsure about exactly what to do and the process of what happens after a collision. Today I did a Google search (hindsight is 20/20) and has a pretty good list about what to do, link: What to do After a Car Accident | Consumer Reports. I find this list to be very direct and to the point, listing all the things you need if you're ever in this situation (hope it doesn't happen to anyone else but you never know). I don't know if the process is different in the USA for you guys but it shouldn't be too different. The main things are to:
1) Stay calm
2) Ensure safety
3) Call 911 if anyone's injured and call the police
4) Write down all the facts (time and date of collision, road conditions, road names/intersection, direction of travel) and the other driver's information (license, insurance, car make/model). Also the information of any witnesses if you can.
5) Take pictures of the scene and damages (would advocate getting a dashboard camera, some people do crazy things on the road). Case in point (or video if you want to get technical):Why You Need A Dash Cam Backing up on a Highway Scam - YouTube. Also: Woman drives on sidewalk to pass school bus - YouTube. This one was like...seriously? People do that?
6) Call the insurance company
Think those are the main things, ofc each case will vary slightly but this is more like a general guideline. Check with your police station/insurance company for more detailed information.

Safe travels everyone!

Note: I do not own any of the links mentioned in the blog, and again, go to your local police station and insurance company for the most accurate information.

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