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First Post (^o^)/

Posted 05-13-2010 at 11:19 PM by Infierno
Hi there, this is my first post here...
let me see first of all, im from mexico
as you can see in the blog name, so as
you can see my English is not great...
so if you see something that dont make sense... dont worry is normal...

what else... let me see , i have been playing
trisckster sinse... i dont know first ice girl event
i was lvl 45 so im not realy shure about it...
a long time... but im not a veteran since i did not play beta...

My main Character is Cerenis, fire, earth , light Witch.
i know theres better element convination,
but i spend so many time playing like
this than im used to it...
and i dont see a point to change it
after 296 lvls

Im looking foward to make some friends
hereand have fun thats all, i speak a
little English and Spanish, so feel free
to post your comments.

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