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Story for that thread about the writing stories with prompts and stuff. [Clear Sky]

Posted 07-10-2010 at 05:29 PM by iFarted
Title: Clear Sky

It is a clear sky today.

Blue as ever. Breezy winds blowing. What a delicious day today. But what is that over there? A tiny little baby cloud hanging over that hill. It is raining innocently on top a small patch of grass.

“Wahhh! Mommy! Daddy!” cried the lost little cloud, “Where did you guys go?! Wahh!”

The baby cloud is drifting slowly through the clear sky trying to find its parents. An airplane flew by and heard its wailing.
“What’s wrong, little cloud?” asked the concerned airplane.
“I’m lost. Wahh! I can’t find my parents.” cried the little cloud.
“Aww, don’t worry! I’ll help you find your parents! This looks like a job for Louie the Airplane!” proclaimed the joyous and boisterous Boeing 747.
“R-really?” said the delighted cloud.
“Of course! Anything for you, sonny! Up, up, and away!” smiled Louie as he performed a somersault and begins his journey to find the parents in the clear blue sky.

The little cloud let out a gentle smile and drifted slowly through the clear sky, hoping Louie the Airplane to fly back with great news. The little cloud waited patiently, always looking out to the far end of the clear sky for Louie’s return. But Louie never did come back as time went on. Hours after hours, no sign of Louie’s roaring turbine engine was to be heard. The little cloud’s gentle smile soon broke out into a wailing face. The little cloud began raining again.

“Wahh!” cried the little cloud as it drifted over a tree.

“Hey! I’m getting wet over ‘ere! Watch where ya raining over, ya bimbo!” shouted a chirpy voice. The little cloud wiped its tears and looked puzzled as to where the voice came from. “’Ey! Below you, you fat sack of water! Chirp!” shouted the voice.

The little cloud looked down and spotted a goose wearing an eye patch and smoking a cigar. He let out a puff and shouted, “Now scat before I shank ya douche”. The goose flicked out a balisong knife.

The cloud, still crying, asked “C-can you help me find my mommy and daddy?” The little cloud sniffed rapidly.
“No! No! Get out! I’m in an angry mood,” lashed out the goose with an angry scowl.
“W-why are you angry?” asked the curious little cloud.
“Why? I’ll tell ya why! My geese gang exiled me!” complained the goose as he let out a puff of smoke, “All because of me not following the appropriate flight behavior in their stupid V Flight Formation”.
“V Flight Formation?” asked the curious cloud with a confused look on his face.
“Yea! V Flight Formation! When us geese migrate, we fly in a formation shaped like the letter ‘V’! This allows for longer flight distance and reduced wind resistance!” explained the smug goose.
“Ah! I understand! But… why were you kicked out?” pondered the little cloud.
“I smoked” muttered the angry goose as he let out another puff, “The geese flyin’ behind me all got lung cancer from the second-hand smoke. Dropped dead into the ocean one by one. Poor fools! Guffaw!”

Suddenly, an idea sparked in the evil goose’s head.

“’Ey kiddo! Wanna help me with something? I promise I’ll help ya find your parents” said the goose with a devilish look in his face.
“Really?! Okay!” quickly agreed the happy little cloud.
“Alright, now what I need ya to do is to stand in the middle of the geese gang’s flying path. Once they fly into ya and become unaware of their surroundings, I’ll sneak behind them and stabbed their retarded bodies! That’ll teach them to exile me! Ah ha ha ha ha! Guffaw!” cackled the evil grinning goose.

The ignorant baby cloud, unaware of simple concepts of life and death, quickly agreed to the goose’s plan. And so the little cloud waited patiently for the geese gang on a clear sky. The goose hid in his tree, waiting for his fellow buddies to arrive towards their impending doom. Time passed. The two stood still as minutes flew by.

Finally, the geese gang came and flew into the little cloud as the retards they are. The goose took out his balisong knife and quickly flew in as well, but only to find out that he was just as asinine since he could not see very clearly within the foggy mist.

While the geese were inside the little cloud’s body, the little cloud heard a familiar voice far off in the distance.
“Hey! Little cloud!” shouted the voice.
The little cloud turned around and was surprised at who it was.
“Louie!” exclaimed the little cloud.
“I think I might’ve found your parents!” shouted Louie the Airplane as he flew full speed toward the little cloud. However, Louie noticed something wrong with his brakes.
“Uh oh” muttered Louie as his brakes were failing, “My brake system!”
Louie flew right into the little cloud’s misty body; the geese gang was swallowed up by his massive turbine engines, causing them to malfunction.
“Noooooooooo!” screamed Louie hysterically as he flew out of the little cloud’s body and heading straight for the ground, “Tell the world my stoooooorrryyyyyyy!!!”
And with that, Louie crashed and exploded in the middle of a farm field.

The goose flew out of the little cloud’s body, smiling proudly at the end result.
“You did it, kiddo! The geese gang is dead!” praised the goose as he pat the little cloud’s back.
The cloud smiled back and asked, “Will you help me find my mommy and daddy now?”
The goose smiled nervously and said, “Haha, uh…Why don’t ya go ask the sun or something… hehe, Thanks again, kiddo!”
The goose quickly fluttered away from the little cloud with great speed.

The baby cloud took his advice and drifted upwards to meet the great almighty Sun.
The Sun floated with such presence and magnificence.

Hello little cloud.
I like to speak in Haikus.
How can I help you?

The Sun’s voice boomed as it spoke.
The little cloud was striked with awe.
“Can you help me find my mommy and daddy?” asked the little cloud.

Your wish is granted.
On this side of the planet.
Clouds cannot be found.

The little cloud quickly then asked, “So mommy and daddy are on the other hemisphere?”
The Sun nodded. The little cloud let out a huge smile and quickly drifted to the other side of the planet.

Just as the little cloud made it to the other hemisphere, the Sun spoke to itself.

Oh no, this is bad.
My core has no hydrogen.
Let’s burn Helium.

Due to the lack of hydrogen within the Sun’s core, it proceeds to burn Helium. As a result, the Sun’s radius has increased tremendously and its surface temperate has lowered, thereby shifting the Sun’s visible wavelength towards the red spectrum. And thus, the Sun evolved into a Red Giant. With its new properties, the Sun began to laugh manically as it scorched the planet’s surface facing towards it.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, the little cloud found his mommy and daddy along with its friends and relatives. With such a great smile on its face, the little cloud drifted hastily towards them. The clouds cried tears of joy together. They laughed and cried intensely with such relief.

I woke up today and looked out the window to see a heavy thunderstorm outside. I painfully drove my car through the harsh weather to the airport to pick up my parents only to find out that their plane crashed due to some engine failure. Very depressed and wanting to be cheered up, I turn on my car's radio to listen to some happy songs only to be interrupted by breaking news stating that half of Earth's surface is now currently scorched in flames. FML.

The End.

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  1. Point's Avatar
    LOL this is cracking me up XD Your writing's awesome.
    Posted 07-10-2010 at 09:41 PM by Point Point is offline
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