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A LaTale Adventure! --A /ggFTW Writing Challenge Entry

Posted 07-06-2010 at 09:30 AM by ieatH0ll0ws
Prompt: Writers Choice
Title:A LaTale Adventure!
Fandom: LaTale
Genre: uhmm idk, I guess Humor?
Summary:Holly and Noir make their way to Elfa from Aoich.
Author’s Note:So, Its really only a short story. I hope to work on it more in the future for my own enjoyment. LOL. Well, the whole story is pretty much for my own personal enjoyment. Well I hope you like it

“There’s NO WAY that’s gonna even happen!” Holly and Noir were standing at the exit gates of the city of Aioch. Holly had dropped all her bags and was now standing with her hands on her hips. Noir sat by his bags, feeding the pets. “I’m not walking through some godforsaken desert. It’s just not happening!” She stated as she turned around, giving Noir the cold shoulder. Her blonde hair flapped in the hot wind. Noir sighed. He was used to her tantrums. He stood up and walked over to Holly. “Look, eventually were going to have to start walking. I would personally prefer to go sooner. The earlier we leave the faster we’ll beat the temperature. Elfa isn’t that far. If we hurry, we can reach there by tonight.” Noir said. Holly turned to look at him. Her mismatched eyes gleamed with tears as she whined. “Can’t we just take a Warp Capsule?”. Noir ran his fingers through his blue hair. “Nope. Not enough Ely for the both of us. Plus we can use the experience. Usually you’re all for leaving for a new city. What’s the deal?” He looked at her with concern. “It’s just…it’s just soooooo hot! Hey!... I have an idea! Why don’t we go back to Young Gyoung? We have a few drinks at the Travelers Bar… Oh and look here! I already have two warp capsules!” She glanced earnestly and Noir, avoiding all eye contact. Noir knew exactly what was going on now. He knew her so well. She wanted to go meet that explorer.
On their last trip through Yong Gyung, they had met a young and attractive explorer. Holly had fallen for him right away. The explorer had wooed her with his charms and look. Noir had to practically peel her away from the explorer’s side when they left. She had complained all the way to Aioch. “You’re not seriously still hung up about that idiot explorer are you?” Noir stared in disbelief at Holly. “Well…no...I mean…he was…he was just so upset when we left, I thought maybe we should…you know...” Holly looked frustrated as she struggled to explain. “Nope, I don’t know at all. I’m leaving in ten minutes. Be ready.” Noir walked of to his packs and started to load up.
“THIS IS SO DARN HEAVY!” Holly exclaimed as she dropped her heavy toolbox on the sand. “Not to mention, it’s unbearably hot with all this armor.” She plopped down onto the top of her toolbox and sighed. She stretched out her legs and winced. “My legs hurt! SOO MUC-” “Do you ever stop whining!?” Noir interrupted. He swung his legs around and slid gracefully off his staff. Holly gave him a dirty look. “First off, you’re a water mage. MAKE WATER APPEAR! Secondly, you’re flying on your staff! I have to actually use my legs.” Noir looked at her with disbelief, “What on earth do you expect me to do about it?” Then she gave him the eyes. The eyes Noir dreaded above all else. Holly’s red and blue eyes sparkled with longing towards Noir. Then she turned her attention to his staff, which was leaning against Noir’s side. “Oh no. NO. It’s not happening. There’s no way you’re getting on this thing.” But alas,30 seconds later Holly and Noir were gliding over the desert.

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