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Back in action...for now.

Posted 03-17-2012 at 01:22 PM by icyshadow
Hello everyone! How have you been? Amazing my last post was only 3 weeks ago when it feels like over a year. So much happened recently. Yesterday, a house two streets away from my house was on fire. My sister and I got to see the firefighters break the windows down and everything. Got a new car yesterday and a job recently. I actually made up with my gf last week and had a great time celebrating my birthday together. But with all the good things, there is also the stroke of bad luck I'm having. Dropped my necklace in the toilet yesterday, lens popped out of glasses and into the toilet filled with pee today, ugh it was really disgusting searching for it amidst the toilet paper in there, and love life when sour yet again. A week of happiness is pretty much the usual for me before things go downhill. I also end up taking care of a stuffed pig and pretending as if it was my child. It was my gf's idea to take care of her together as our child to bond closer. Although, I'm spending more time with my little rihoko and she has fallen back into her non-talkative ways as usual. I read both cold vengeance by preston and child along with the scarecrow returns by matthew reilly. They were really good.

The scarecrow was about the cia leading a group of terrorists to burn China with an atmospheric bomb because of China's rising economic power.

Vengeance was about FBI agent Pendergast seeking his long lost supposedly dead wife while fighting against a modern day Nazi organization.
*end spoiler*

I developed a taste for korean pop music lately due to my sister's influence. There are just a certain few songs I like.

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