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.**-::-* ♥♪☆ In times of wondering and hoping, i share my thoughts. Maybe you'll join me in my crazy world?☆♪♥*-::-**.
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♥Nothings ever as it seems~♥

Posted 10-06-2008 at 06:02 AM by HopeSama
Trying to get my Blog style back teehehehe~

Current Mood::

So here i am once again, As i constantly think about things i always ponder too much maybe? Anyways lol its about 6am here for me. Quite early i feel like i might do alot of stuff today actually, however i still have a sense of loss since ive been seemingly not able to contact certain people as much as i wished i could. I'll probably get my quizes for school out of the way today but im not sure yet ^^; i think i might need to read over things again >>;.

So yeah its getting a bit colder lately and its reminding me of alot of things that have happened during this time of the year. Some good and some bad but either way i still remember. Ever so close to winters chill, I'll keep remembering everything..
Autumns crisp coldness and slight warmth might embrace me, i wish it was more than just that though.
Reflecting on my life and how things are going, i often feel like i want to cry out for help but i just cant bring myself to do it majority of the time. Its kind of hard and sad really. Not too many good memories of the fall and winter season yet, though i hope i find some to replace the scars that remain there. Dispite all that im still cheerful, those are just thoughts that run in my mind from time to time anyways. I am sort of happy but i guess it could be better ^^;

Its just so hard to explain problems even though sometimes you just might feel you want to exclaim them all out even if you're sure people wont listen. At the same time the worry of expressing ones self, thinking that it might not be helpful at all or harmful to yourself also creates a barrier. I myself have issues talking about my problems even though im dying to say them and look for solutions. Maybe theres just a time and place for that but i cant help but hope that someday i'll find my solutions im looking for.

Aside from all the in depth thoughts, I probably am going to start expressing myself in cooking more as well too ^^; i enjoy cooking and usually the food i make comes out pretty nice. A form of outlet from my stress, i really enjoy making a nice meal that looks nice and tastes good too. I am also looking for more recipes to try out sometime, I'd enjoy seeing others input on that xD. Maybe somedays when i have time i can take pictures of my various projects i work on (like sewing or cooking, drawing) And show them off here maybe lol. But yeah! if you have any recipes you like, do share some with me ^^. I personally like most foods but i try not to use onions alot, so yeah lol.

Lets see, i guess thats all i have to say at the moment ^^; i bet my thoughts are confusing, i just cant seem to get my thoughts straightened out >>; oh well. Thanks for listening~

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