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ggFTW Writing Challenge thingy

Posted 06-08-2010 at 10:39 AM by HirokoAzuri
If you recieve this letter, consider yourself lucky since you as a poor unfortunate soul has been granted this once-in-a-lifetime chance.

My name is Pollux. Younger twin of Castor. The other half of the constellation of Gemini and Stella, the Star Gazer's daughter.

A pair of twins were born with different fates planned.

Unfortunately, my idiot brother was the lucky one.

I was chosen as the next Star Gazer. Just like my mother, there was only one road paved just for me.

Isolation and power awaited me.

Star Gazers are said to be born under a bright and lucky star.

I would rather be the unluckiest person in the world.

Castor left home when he was old enough to pursue the path of a Trickster.

My last words to him: You're stupid, but i'm sure you'll make it.

Three years pass...

I chase after my brother to see how far he had come, but that is prohibited.

"You must stay inside Pollux and continue your job. That is the only life you lead and that is the only one you can live," a voice had warned.

My foolish heart would not listen, so I had fallen into the depths of the Abyss.

May it be Trickster or NPC, I hate whoever made me and those before me suffer.

For what seemed like forever I knew of nothing but the darkness of my confinement.

My punishment never ends.

I remained in my jail for fifty years that felt like forever. And yet, at the same time, no time had passed.

After I used a loophole to become a contractor and at the same time not be dragged back, I realized everything was gone.

Stella, Castor, the father I never cared about until now....

Everything gone before my eyes.

Tricksters and NPCs alike celebrated my return.

Why do you use me? Why do I have no choices?

I can never return, can I?

I returned to my tent that looked the same, but felt so empty.

Did he become a Trickster?

Did mom find a way to be free?

I did not know. And maybe I never will.

Still desperate to try like the child I was, I created a quest to find any remains of my brother or Stella.

When I was about to end the quest, a familiar face had approached me.


The boy who was the last person to do the quest was named Castor.

I could even see the resemblance.

He brought me a letter that was from Stella that said that Star Gazers live a lonley life.

Everything she told me before was right, but for once she was wrong.

She was wrong.

As long as the Earth is still alive, life shall continue.

People will be reborn. Lives renewed.

Gemini will never be apart.

Lovers, siblings, friends, strangers....

In an endless cycle,

the lines will meet

for all eternity...

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