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Summer Break Funtime Challenge!

Posted 06-05-2011 at 07:27 PM by Hekutaa
Well, the days of summer loom jubilantly upon California, and the days of Summer Break begin. This means fun in the sun, going on trips, hanging out with friends, and good old goofing off.

I have to work, on the other hand.

It wouldn't be summer without some work to make the break all the more worth it. During the summer, I have several academic tasks for the 4 AP classes I intend to take during the summer.

I intend to complete all four assignments before July so that way I have a month and a half to fully enjoy my summer (assuming water polo training that month does not tear my spirits into bite-sized bits).

They consist of:
  • Annotating a book for AP English Literature and completing a two-page composition
  • Annotating a book for AP Environmental Science, defining over 50 terms, and completing a catalog of the outside world around me
  • Annotating a book for AP Biology and creating a 20-page composition on 20 biology-related terms
  • Completing 130 problems for AP Calculus AB, which consists of every type of math I have learned prior (Mostly Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Math Analysis)

How do I intend to complete this daunting task will seem like a punch-clock system of work:
  • I work from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. Sunday does not count as a work day.
  • Working compensation will occur. (i.e, if I take one day off, I lose Sunday as my day of rest)
  • Working pattern will consist of working for one hour, and a twenty-minute break
    • Lunch breaks take an hour
With my system of working, I really hope I can accomplish all of my tasks before July. I want to goof off!

Every day at 8 P.M, I stop working so that way I can spend two hours on writing, drawing, or other activities. That way I can receive some time to mess around before I go to bed

Also, I intend to work on a writing project that recently celebrated its 3rd year of work. By brother informed me of a fabulous "wikipedia"-esque site (TV Tropes) that features fantastic writing tips and the qualities associated with many archetypical themes of writing. At the least, I must deconstruct the hero and heroine's character traits to make them more relateable and less overpowering, completely define the limits of a "plot device," and give an appropriate arsenal of weapons.

Furthermore, I intend to bolster my linguistic prowess in the English language, mainly because it will augment my abilites in writing, and not to mention that it will greatly aid me in my endeavors, whatever they may encapsulate.

Aside from the training in the written word, I plan to completely switch from manuscript writing to cursive, while maintaining legible and neat characters in both styles. No longer will I be using my self-named "semi-cursive" in my Senior year. I intend to better my writing style purely out of superficial purposes. (Besides, having nice penmanship is something my teachers always wanted me to have; I struggled seven years to get good penmanship)

I also intend to actually learn how to draw. I plan to draw realistically, like the style of The Last Express, or .hack//. Granted, I plan on having just a bit of an anime-inspired drawing scheme. My ideal style will probably be something like Eternal Sonata. Boy, do I have a lot of work to do to get there.

I'll post weekly updates to reveal my progress.

Work begins tomorrow!

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