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Lost In Langauge

Posted 04-27-2011 at 08:19 PM by Hekutaa
I received a call from my uncle, where he said that his daughter gave birth. He speaks fluent Tagalog, while I know bits and pieces (and I can't read nor write)

I spent time trying to discern what happened:

(Uncle calls; I pick up the phone)
Me: Hello?
Uncle: Martin? (my dad's name)
Me: Daniel.
Uncle: [Speaks in Filipino, along the lines of "My daughter gave birth"]
Me, confused: Oh!
Uncle: Did you understand what I said?
Me: No.
(My uncle bursts out in laughter)
Uncle: [Repeats phrase again in Filipino, but slower]
(I manage to break down the words in my head; it took a little bit to connect the dots)
Me: Oh! Okay.

I gave the phone to my parents after that.

Thus is the curse of my mono-linguistic tendencies.

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