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Intelligence is a Fickle Friend

Posted 04-22-2011 at 05:57 PM by Hekutaa
I've been studying for the SATs for some time now, and most of my efforts (if you can possibly call my sporadic-yet-fruitful studying "efforts") mostly amount to worthless refuse.

I've been getting 1600 / 2400, i.e. a tiny iota above "normal" intelligence, and I'm around the 60% percentile ranking towards the national average (of the U.S.) in terms of intelligence on such a test. However, my writing abilities, trounce others, of which I earned a 9 / 12, i.e. higher than average.

The reason why I chose the SAT to rant about the erroneous reference to intelligence mostly comes from the horrendous, outlandish method it utilizes to torture even the brightest of students.

For example, look at your right hand. You know this as your "right hand," right? In the SAT, your "right hand" is now "the appendage that extends from one section to the body and connects to a limb, of which is utilized to grasp objects and to perform basic functions." It's still your right hand, but the SAT transformed it to the point that it could be referring to anything.

Furthermore, I talked with a good childhood friend about the SATs. He's virtually the polar opposite of me academically: He's more focused on math and more able to work well in advanced classes due to his large pool of time. (I, however, perform much more swimmingly in the field of writing, while my massive amount of extra-curricular and leadership roles in the school sever the amount of advanced classes I can take; I am not in AP classes, but I'm a step below them, academically speaking)

Now, with my friend, he performed much lower than I expected him to score on: he earned an 1800 / 2400 (above average), but scored a 6 / 12 (average) on the SAT.

The first thing that entered my mind was "The SAT is designed to torture students."

It somewhat is, in fact. A large chunk of the students that earn markedly high scores mainly consist of students that attend SAT help classes, of which cost higher than $500 USD. There, you learn basically how to break the game. Literally.

First off, that places students who cannot afford classes like my friend and I at a severe disadvantage, and secondly, it defines that those with money always win.

Protip: Money = Intelligence (if and only if Intelligence = SAT)
By transitive property Money = SAT, and thus, the SAT cannot be used to define a student's intellectual abilities and thus not be suitable as a major point in defining a student's ability to enter college.

Fortunately, I have my abilities to actually do something for me to make up for my low scores: I have earned the title of "Team Captain" on my school's water polo team, managed to stay in choir for three years, and earned the title of "Club President" and "Club Representative" for my school's anime club. Granted, this, and my "B average" grades will not amount to the same competition I have compared to someone of the same abilities who also has a high SAT score, but it can amount to something.

Basically, what I attempt to say the entire blog post is that I'm reaching the end of my junior and I am damn scared of college competition.

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  1. MsSquid's Avatar
    The SAT is less like a test and more like a jigsaw puzzle.
    Posted 04-22-2011 at 08:24 PM by MsSquid MsSquid is offline
  2. MsSquid's Avatar
    It still probably doesn't compare to some the crazier shit they do in other countries though. Hurrah for American mediocrity!
    Posted 04-22-2011 at 08:26 PM by MsSquid MsSquid is offline
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