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Spring Break: "To Do" List

Posted 04-14-2011 at 09:04 PM by Hekutaa
Well, spring break will start after school tomorrow. I've got a couple achievable-yet-time-consuming tasks I want to finish. Let's see if I can do all of them!

Highest Priority (I.E. I have to get this done)
  • Story revisions
  • Finish dialogue for contest
  • English work
  • Spanish project
  • Chemistry presentation
  • Physics poster
  • History gunk
Medium Priority (I.E. I can do this, but I can slack off just a bit)
  • Arrange "Melodies of Life" for choir
  • Purchase "Tales of Synphonia: Dawn of a New World" and run a "no monster partner" challenge.
  • Beat Tales of Rebirth
  • Acquire a Tombeth Set (Or a hammer) in Trickster
Lowest Priority (I.E. I can do this if I want to)
  • Hang out with friends
  • Actually go outside
  • Get a nice haircut
  • Talk to that girl I secretly liked but never got around to expressing my feelings about her.
Man, I have to do all (or rather, most) of this in one week. Get kraken.

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