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Posted 02-06-2011 at 07:57 PM by Hekutaa
This is probably the nicest my older brother has been this nice to me in quite some time:

To set the stage, my brother, 27, tends to verbally abuse, tease, and just be an overall childish, two-faced person with me, while I, 16, act very introspective and keep all my annoyances to myself, yet I have the same two-faced manner of being an extrovert and pensiveness.

Because of this, my brother gains a superiority complex with obvious increase in intelligence, while I, even with my out-of-place leadership, magnetically with people, and above average intelligence, receive random bouts of depression and suffer from a massive inferiority complex.

Lately, my mother has seen my depressive traits come forth once in a while (I can hide them relatively well) and decided to talk to my brother about. From what I heard, he responded with the utmost alacrity and altruism to his hapless, self-loathing brother, yet lacks the courage to even mention the slightest thing about it to me.

(On the phone)
Me: "Hey Kev."
Older brother: "Hey, Daniel, where's mom or dad?"
Me: "Oh, they went for a walk."
Brother: "Alright. So how's school?"
Me: "Fine."
Brother: "Are you sure? Doing okay there? Anything you want to talk about?"
Me: "I'm fine."
Brother: "Okay then, bye-bye!"
Me: "'Kay, later."

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