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Curse you, mathematical mind!

Posted 01-06-2011 at 07:30 PM by Hekutaa
For those of you who know me, I am a DA Lion (With about 1/20 AC into the mix) in Trickster. Recently, I have been cajoled into switching to the more mainstream path of an AC Lion for several reasons, mainly because of a better source of constant damage. However, I recently hit TM level 140 and used about 7 points worth of TM to level up Landmine to level 5.

The results you may ask? Fairly reasonable (7.8k without Aura of Luck, only Lucky 7) Another Stone Strike worth of damage (9k). I felt extremely ecstatic, seeing that, should I learn Chain of Knives, could barrage my opponent from a distance, almost like a gun-based Lion.

Now here's where I split: After ranting upon my difficulties of being a DA lion and being blasted out of the water by damage calculations of an AC Lion, I truly wanted to switch to a AC Lion. But, as it were, I am extremely mathematical and precocious upon debating the usage of money (I need real-world money to re-graph).

So guess what I did again: calculate damage values. Apparently I get significantly more damage out of a DA Lion, but I sacrifice a normal "attack" (in this case, a shot instead of an attack via dagger) along with money-based issues. Adding insult to injury, I am a stickler with in-game money, so that was a reason why I wished to switch to an AC Lion to save a little bit more.

I literally banged my head against my table when I saw the differences (About 6k, should you calculate Shuriken Master to Power-Shot), but then again, you get the additional regular shot with a gun.

I am once again at a cross-roads (For about the 70th time on this subject). This time, I think I need something more than a "Oh, my friend was a DA Lion, and he hated it" reason, I need some mathematical, solid, irrefutable proof that an AC Lion will be better than a DA Lion.

That, or I can just make him a drilling mule and just push up my Mercenary-to-be and Gambler-to-be.

For now, I'll be pressing this button for about a minute.

P.S. If anyone reads this and provides me a stunning rationale for whatever side you're on, I gladly thank you for replying to this haphazard decision of mine.

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  1. kuyaBaka's Avatar
    Y'know, sometimes it's better to just sit and play without thinking about things too much. I totally understand they way you think, and it's really a curse. Just sit back and play your character the way you enjoy it. Actually, back when I played Trickster, I was a DP Cat. I levelled to 150, back before all the "Revolution" stuff was put in, so I'm pretty far behind on my knowledge of Trickster today. I picked DP Cat not because of the (lol) damage that I was able to cause, but because I really liked the idea of Concert Tour (Siren Song?). I didn't do it 'cause of the numbers, but because it was fun for me. Sure, I switched to an AP Cat when I got the free MyShop points, but that was because I wanted a change of pace. Shortly after, I quit (lol).

    In fact, right now I'm really in a similar jam. I play World of Warcraft, and have had thoughts about playing a Druid-class. They're shape-shifting magicians with the ability to transform into a Bear, Cat, Moonkin, and Tree. Moonkin is definitely an underpowered magician with a lack of DPS, whereas the Bear, Cat, and Tree are used quite a bit for DPS/raid healing. Most people would shoot for Bear/Cat form for the ease of solo questing and some tank/DPSing for dungeons, while others go for Tree so they can sit back and heal. Personally, I love the idea of transforming into a cute owl-with-antlers-shooting-wind-from-my-palm, but the lack of utility in-game makes it impractical. What I intend on doing, though, is to just make it 'cause I think it's fun.

    Games are about having fun, not worrying about numbers. Chillax and play your character the way you find fun/interesting, and not because numbers tell you otherwise.
    Posted 01-06-2011 at 08:18 PM by kuyaBaka kuyaBaka is offline
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