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The Difficulty of Being a Lion in Trickster

Posted 12-23-2010 at 05:43 PM by Hekutaa
Over the past three years of my experiences being a DA/AC Lion, I have truly become humbled, yet somewhat challenged by the difficulty ramp that a Lion must face before becoming "good" in the eyes of damage dealing, "bossing," and PvP instances.

Primarily, I would like to discuss matters of damage. Almost every Lion on Trickster knows that in order to upgrade damage via gun, one must raise their AC stat. Additionally to survive, one must also raise their "Charm" (which consists of Health, Evasion, and Physical Defense) statistic to ensure their survival during instances of battle. However, there exists a schism when creating a "build" for a character: go all out damage without any health to hide behind with, or go for a survivalist build and compromise the efficiency of slaying opponents?
I call this little occurrence the "Split-Stat Syndrome" because of the need to keep both "stats" high to properly maintain efficiency.
Now, other characters, aside from the Lion experience this sort of "syndrome," namely characters of the "Charm" (Raccoon and Cat) affinity.
Now, I am not trying to slander these classes, or anyone that uses them, I am simply pointing out the difficulty that one may experience when trying to train with these characters.

Let us take a look at "Split-Stat Syndrome." I used a stat calculator to approximate the stats of one character at level 170. Please note that I omitted a large amount of stats for simplicity. I included the ones that I believed seemed appropriate for my dissension.

AC Lion (4141 Build, 4 Power, 1 Magic, 4 Sense, 1 Charm)
AC: 92 (+42) = 134  Base AC
 HP: 1380
  DEF: 164
  HV: 10
Yikes. That build has a tremendous amount of AC, which leads to an obscenely high damage output. On the flip side, you have a completely abhorrent defense, evasion, and defense. Luckily, being a practitioner of the "sense" type, you have access to a luck booster, which should buff out evasion rates.

AC Lion (1144 Build)
AC: 60 (+42) = 102 Base AC

  HP: 5190
  DEF: 672
  HV: 42
Whew, one following this build will have a compromised damage output for a large compensation in defense, a significantly larger pool of health, and a jump in their evasion along with their fair evasion stat.

Now my favorite part: damage formulas! I will be calculating the damage output of a MASTERED PowerShot. Variables will be as followed:
  • All compound slots will have a "9" in their AC compound
  • All equipment (except for the cape slot) will be at level 170 (Silpheed Gun Set, Odd Eyes, Lovely Rainbow)
  • All equipment will be myshop'ed
  • The pet will have a hardent slot
  • The accessory slots will not be included, mainly because I could not find a permanent one (Along with my predilection of having those slots being HP-compounded items)
  • The Sprint slot will not be included, because I simply cannot afford to keep one at a perpetual use. I also could not find a permanent sprint for me to use.
  • Gun AP will be unrefined.
  • Gun Booster will be in effect, at maximum level
  • Resistances will NOT be calculated
  • Critical hits will NOT be calculated
  • Damage WILL be rounded down

Let's begin!

4141 AC Lion
[(GunAP - 11) + 20(AC - 48) ] x M 
[(593 - 11) + 20(371 - 48)] X 2.70
7042 X 2.70

19013 = PowerShot damage
Dang... That is what I call damage.

1144 AC Lion
[(GunAP - 11) + 20(AC - 48) ] x M 
[(593-11) + 20(319 - 48)] X 2.70
6002 X 2.70

16205.4 = PowerShot damage
Whoa, wait! That's still really good damage!

Alright, looks like my hypothesis was blasted out of the water. Even with "Split-Stat Syndrome," Lions can still do some hefty damage.

But remember, this is a myshop-guided and THEORETICAL damage calculation. Damage may vary from time to time, but looking at this, lions can dish out some heavy damage.

Now here comes something that involves evasion: Luck. Recently, I have heard some stark rumors that Luck and HV have been nerf'ed, meaning that they have been significantly compromised.
In other words, one will get hit a lot more than before the nerf. And you know what that means.

Well, either way, being a Lion in really difficult in Trickster, mainly because gunners normally rely upon the usage of luck to assist in their evasion and subsequently, survivability. Thanks to the nerf, evasion has become significantly more difficult.

In the words of another,
Lions are much more difficult to train now (thanks to Revo destroying SF3) and require much more "investment" to become even moderately strong...
In reality, most lions do. A DA lion myself, I used around $20 to fund my character from level 90 to 130, and in truth, it took a LOT of investment, both time-wise and planning ahead of time.

Looking at my calculations, I even specified that I utilized myshop (Totaling to around $30, not even calculating compound elixirs and compound stones) within my calculations.

In short, what a good friend told me really echoes in my dissension: Lion require a large amount of investment.

As for me, a DA Lion, I'm at a crossroads between changing to an AC or staying DA. Maybe I'll approach this later.

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  1. Queen's Avatar
    AC/DA is not a good way to go. You will neither be good at gunning and I'm assuming you're not stacking DA, and that you're a gunner, so shuriken skills are out (Note: buttplate is useless). I suggest you roll pure AC and see how things go, I have no problem with my lion.

    Some people seem to have the misconception that hybrid lions = should act like foxes. Hybrid lions go hybrid for the debuffs, or a rare DA lion (aka a lion like a fox, know of one, he doesn't really like it iirc)

    AC is very precious to a lion and taking any away is a real blow.
    Posted 12-23-2010 at 10:22 PM by Queen Queen is offline
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