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Writing That Story

Posted 12-07-2010 at 06:31 PM by Hekutaa
I have been working one chapter of a story for the fantastical Trickster Online guild Mirage Coordinator for some time now. But, something still stirs me:

I worked on a previous story and subsequently, a squeal for it. A lot of things that explain the story appear in that, but I think with this new story, I could better explain the background of the place and all of the elements I implemented in my previous two.

The main "protagonist" of my previous two stories is Hekutaa (Heku) Veles Rankovic, a young man who begins to develop surreal nightmares that almost command him to travel to a place where even his own government keep from the masses: Frostig.

Frostig, in my eyes, is essentially:

Atmosphere of Silent Hill + Caballa Island + World War 1 + Tales of Rebirth + SaGa Frontier 2 + Final Fantasy 9.

That, and snow. But, there exists a large amount of plot dumping in my first chapter, mainly because I need to set up the atmosphere and whatnot.

Now here's where it gets cool: The story shifts to Yarik Katzev and Shirotokama (Shiro) Iori, two, seemingly normal boys from the town of Roman, the City of Vines. (Trust me, it sound a lot cooler in my story) Heku gets exiled to Roman, and the little town of Roman gets stuck in a war.

That's all I'll explain about my story, but so far, I haven't finished the first chapter, and I just summed the first... five in that little paragraph. A lot pf plot dumping via dialogue happens, but in truth, I think the dialogue speaks for the character's development and their actions. Yet, I have to add a large amount of description to the towns and the other characters, specifically the little things about a person, like their eye color, their movements, and their physical appearance.

Well, I'd best get started. That revision for my first chapter cannot finish itself!

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