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Trusting People

Posted 11-20-2010 at 07:01 PM by Hekutaa
Today, I sold someone about 2.3k myshop (About $2.30) on Trickster Online. I did not ask for a regular payment, which normally encapsulates itself in the form of the in-game currency, but instead requisitioned that I have temporary usage of an extremely rare set for only five brief minutes. The buyer told me that she knew a friend who had said items, and then told me that she will do the best to convince him, despite my low /ggFTW iTrader points.

I waited, and then I received a private message stating that the person will not lend me the items, despite his friend's vouching. He stated that he will not grant me temporary possession of his items unless I collect five iTrader points Granted I only knew the buyer for about two weeks, yet, within that time span, we have become a pair of acquaintances, constantly chatting with each other on our guild.

Now, I understand that I still may not be trusted, because I have known the buyer for such a little amount of time, and I just sound... shady.

Here's what vexes me: You make good friends with someone, and then immediately disregard their vouching for someone that you do not know. I also have not used /ggFTW for about a year, and subsequently, about... seven opportunities where I can collect iTrader points to allow myself to look trusted. The only thing that inhibits my ability to acquire five iTrader points is that I have sold everything I needed to sell and I have no money in that game to purchase anything.

I still acknowledge that I still do not appear to be trustworthy in the lender's eyes. Granted, I still think that his position on this situation can be justified and completely warranted.

I think that part of why I rant about his may be a little more understandable because I did not talk to him directly, and I did not specify my limitations with the items, (thread here) and that, perhaps lead to a small amount of assumption that I will not provide a collateral.

One also cannot constrict themselves by simply using this website and making assumptions based on iTrader. I mean, what if someone fabricates five iTrader testimonials, and then proceeds to steal the items from you?

I guess the point that I attempt to convey is that you shouldn't rely on just one solid piece of evidence and then disregard the rest. You must also trust the testimonials of your friends, and then create an intelligent assumption of the situation then. Besides, what if that one bit of information you devoutly believe is false? Then what happens? You don't trust your friends and your best ties to evidence lies to you, so there is no alternative.


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  1. Torikakae's Avatar
    Personally, even if with the voucher of a friend, I will not trust something with great value to someone I don't know until I judge the person for myself using my own criteria. Just because a friend says so doesn't mean that the person in question is immediately trustworthy.

    It's best to trust your own eyes and your own gut feeling that that of a friend's.
    Posted 11-20-2010 at 08:12 PM by Torikakae Torikakae is offline
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