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Mirage Coordinator & Story

Posted 11-14-2010 at 11:30 AM by Hekutaa
Updated 11-14-2010 at 07:52 PM by Hekutaa
I have joined Mirage Coordinator (Trickster's Jewelia guild) and to be frank, I felt so at home there, just casually chatting with everyone, and even keeping relaxed small talk with the guild master herself.

I felt really touched by everyone's kindness, and I plan to write a story about it.

The story takes place within the mythical, frozen-over land of Frostig, where two armies: Lumisade, the City of Eternal Snow, and Vesisade, City of Endless Rain, fight for dominance over Frostig.

The story focuses on the exploits of a Lumisian branch of infantrymen and women, whose swift and lethal abilities granted them the nickname "The Mirage's Blade." The story switches to Yari Katzev, a fresh recruit and his friend Shiro Iori, where they attempt to rise in the ranks of the guild with the aid of other guild members.

I'll post names for now, so the character traits and appearance will show up on a later time.

Yari Katzev: Main character

Shiro Iori: Supporting main

Miniterie "Minit" Gaap: Leader of "The Mirage's Blade"

Seraphine "Settie" Benoit: Sub-leader, in charge of tactics and troop placement, along with control of mages

Nikolai "Nibo" Brodt: Sub-leader, in charge of ranged attackers

Torikakae "Taro" Kondo: Sub-leader, in charge of close-ranged attackers

Jessalin "Jess" Roux: One of the guild members that assist Yari

Linverse "Lin" Fairholm: One of the guild members that assist Yari

Hekutaa "Heku" Veles Rankovic: A mysterious warrior charged with a 250-year long prison sentence

Cerise Adelaide Clemenceau: A mage charged with the same 250-year sentence along with Heku

Hopes this beguiles you into reading this!

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